Not So Hot

Yesterday, I took my first tub bath since the new water heater was installed. I’ve been accustomed to having the water comfortably hot, a reasonably full tub and hot water to spare. Not now. I’d noticed the water wasn’t as hot as when the swap had first taken place but I wasn’t ready for a tepid bath in barely enough to cover my legs. Not exactly the kind of soak in the tub while watching the squirrels out the window that I’m used to. I finished up in record time and was outta there.

The bulletin secretary had sent me the bulletin info on Thursday but I hadn’t looked at it until yesterday. I copy and paste it to my church page on Facebook and I was pleasantly surprised to see the scheduled speaker is the son of the Computer Owner. I remember him growing up and would have never thought he would be up front sharing the gospel. He was an admittedly troubled youth and spent several years in group homes. God does work miracles when we allow Him to.

I set the timer (that’s such a handy tool) on my netbook and was in bed by a few minutes after 10 TT. I was already awake and having my thinking/praying time when it started beeping.

Once again, I was hoping to get to church before anyone else did so I could practice for a few minutes, at least. My hearing aids had other ideas. I put them in and used the Tek to check to make sure both of them were on and working. One showed the battery was fully spent. The other had one little bar. Then the left one did its “do dee do dee do dee do!” I wasn’t going to be serenaded like I was before so I took time to change the batteries in both aids. I have one set left that the audiologist gave me and then I’ll start on the ones that are supposed to last longer. Seems the battery life is about the same if I wear the aids as if they sit in their case. I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing them daily which is a shame, really.

I was the first of the regulars to pull up to the church. There were some visitors sitting in their car and when I walked up and greeted them, the man said they’d come from the other side of the mountain and didn’t realize we were an hour behind. They’d been there for about an hour and a half. He asked if there would be a fellowship meal today. I had to tell him no. It’s the second Sabbath of the month. He’d brought a loaf of bread to share.

Unlocking the door, we went inside and I flipped on lights. By then, the pianist had arrived so there went my practicing.

Filling out my prayer request card, I included “sufficient hot water”. When the elder aka, the Cavalry, read that, he paused for a second. It was probably inappropriate to include it. Maybe I should have phrased it to say, “healing of my new water heater”. Anyway, what’s done is done.

I was able to hear the children’s story and it was very interesting. It was nothing new to me but I’ve always been fascinated by the life cycle of butterflies. I’ll never forget seeing monarch butterflies migrating one year. I was riding down the highway with a friend at the wheel and there were thousands upon thousands of them. Awesome!

The music I play is not something I plan or coordinate with anyone. During the meditation time, I’d used “Because He Lives” as one of the selections. Coincidentally, that was the song two sisters sang for special music. On another Sabbath, I’d played “The Savior Is Waiting” and they sang it. I later told one of them that we must be on the same wavelength.

After special music, I made for the bathroom. I didn’t want to have to go out while my friend’s son was speaking. When I got back, he had already begun his talk but I don’t think I missed a lot.

It was very interesting. Anyone can get up and read from a book or a printout from the Internet but hearing someone’s personal experience is special.

After church was over, I put my coat on so I wouldn’t have to carry it. I figured I’d be too warm when I got outside but it wasn’t to be. As of yesterday, our shorts and t-shirt weather was gone. Back home, I put on my sweats.

Yesterday, I gave Twinkle a good brushing and went over her with one of her Kitty Wipes to snag as much loose hair as I could.

Which reminds me. My sisters agreed the notebook should have a new keyboard. I looked up the part and sent the link to the current owner. I don’t think she’s ever ordered from eBay but she had to set up a PayPal account (which she didn’t do with my help) to send her donation. She sent me an email that it was ordered. She’ll have to get someone to install it for her and I’ve asked her to save the old keyboard for me. Those worn keys are a tribute to, possibly, millions of keystrokes over the years. When the old keyboard is removed, there will probably be enough Twinkle hair to clothe another cat.

Our other sister doesn’t order online. I don’t think she ever has. She did take the plunge to sign up for gmail this very evening. Yahoo went just a bit too far with their changes this time and she is severing their years long relationship. She said there’s a lot to “the gmail” she hasn’t learned. I told her when she does, she can teach me!

4 Responses to Not So Hot

  1. Lila April 6, 2014 at 7:41 am #

    How many gallons is your water heater? Can you not turn up the thermostat? Hope so. Otherwise, you’ll have the time you used to enjoy bathing for other things.

    • Tommie April 6, 2014 at 8:28 am #

      It’s a 50 gallon tank. The Cavalry said it might be set too low plus one of the thermostats may not be working. I don’t want that time for other things. I want to be able to soak in the tub occasionally. 😛

  2. Mary Jane April 6, 2014 at 2:45 pm #

    There’s no substitute for a good hot soak when you need it! Hope your problem either has been or will soon be solved with the water temp. I’ve been pulling up dead stalks from the garden, so I’m looking forward to that soak with Epsom salts!

    • Tommie April 6, 2014 at 3:58 pm #

      Nothing done yet. I envy you!

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