Another Warm One

There were big plans in my future. I was going to have the piano tuned and the sticking keys fixed as well as the squeak in the damper pedal. I’d decided I’d pay someone to come in and give the ductwork a good cleaning from stem to stern so I could be sure I wasn’t breathing dust from mouse poop. Then life took over and blew away my intentions.

I keep checking the Humana site to see if my claims have been completed. Everything has except for the two the hospital filed. They are still in review. Until they’re processed, my bank account is still in limbo. I have an idea of what will be owed but I want to see it in black and white. Or green and white or however they display it.

Yesterday, for no apparent reason, my ancient travel alarm alarmed. I hadn’t set it but it does it randomly. I rarely look at it and even more rarely take it with me when I’m away from home. I’ve thought about stowing it away somewhere but it’s still sitting on the table beside my bed. I did turn the alarm on and back off and it didn’t pipe up this morning.

However, I did get up soon after I woke. I usually lie there thinking and praying but not today. The Computer Owner would be by to drop off her laptop.

I hurried and did my Body Test and my Wii Fit Age was 20. Then I got dressed and combed my hair. I was sitting at the computer readying myself to have my devotions when the phone rang. It was the Computer Owner. She wasn’t bringing the laptop by. Her son was going to take care of it. I was a bit disappointed because it would be a new challenge to fix it but since he put the dual (dueling) passwords on there, I guess it was only right for him to take them off. I hope he was successful.

Later, I had an email from my sister asking what she should do for protection from the heat of the computer if she should go on a trip. I didn’t quite understand the question but I answered, “When it’s off, there’s no heat. I take my Cooler Master with me but if you didn’t want to pack it along, I wouldn’t worry about heat building up as long as it’s on a firm surface. It’s when the vents are blocked that there could be trouble.”

I started wondering if I had answered her question correctly. It seemed she thought the cooler was to protect the user when it’s actually to keep the computer cool. I called and explained. I told her that some people will use it on a bed or a pillow and that it really isn’t good for it to have the vents blocked. She mentioned that our niece uses it on her bed. Not a good idea. But, hey! as long as I take care of mine, what other people do is up to them.

My other sister got back home okay but she is pretty tired. She said what the notebook needs is a higher chair so it would be more accessible. I can second that. If I’m sitting too low when I’m trying to type, I feel like a munchkin.

I’ve had the front door open, the bathroom window raised as well as the one in the utility room. The thermometer says it got up to 94 today but the sensor’s in the sun so I have no idea what the high was. Weatherbug says it was 80 in the valley. That’s probably more like it. Twinkle lounged on my lap this evening and I had to make her get up. It was too warm to cuddle. I’m dressed in shorts and t-shirt once again to be cool enough.

Last year, there was no spring. It went from winter to summer. Cuz said the other day that it seems that’s what’s happening again. I think she’s right.

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  1. Lilal April 4, 2014 at 7:24 am #

    I thought your piano was put in top-notch condition not long ago. Not?

    • Tommie April 4, 2014 at 8:31 am #

      It still needs a final tuning and the other things addressed. After being moved, any piano has to be re-tuned. The sticking keys may indicate the dehumidifier isn’t working.

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