You Gotta Crawl

That was years ago. I should be able to walk now but I don’t, much. The surroundings aren’t conducive to it, plus it’s turned whizzin’ cold again. Yesterday and today, both, it got down to 25 degrees. Thanks, anyway, but I’ll stay indoors in weather like that. I’m a wuss.

If the sun streams in my window much earlier as spring wears on, I won’t be able to sleep late. I’ll fix that, though. I’m getting a mask to put on if the sun decides to make an appearance before I’m ready to face the day. However, it won’t look like this.

eye mask

The lights were already on in the bathroom when I went in to take my bath. I wondered for a minute and then I realized I’d intended to take it earlier but was distracted by the snowflakes falling outside the window. I went to the front door to confirm it and didn’t get back to that part of the house for another hour or two.

The snow wasn’t heavy and what did fall didn’t last long. It sat on top of the greening grass and stuck to the branches of trees. People on Facebook were talking about it coming down fast and hard elsewhere in the area but there wasn’t enough to spit on here.

I don’t know where I was when the phone rang—maybe in the bathroom. Anyway, the Housesitter wanted me to come over and set the printer up so it could be used with my cousin’s old computer. It’s a Dell printer so, of course, it couldn’t be easy to do. There were multiple steps and everything was taped and glued until a big portion of the price had to go for packing.

We got it freed from its bonds and I set it on the floor under the little table the computer is on. After going through all sorts of steps and calisthenics, I got ‘er done. The Housesitter was concerned about my bending over to do something. She was afraid I would be dizzy when I stood up but I wasn’t. She said she gets dizzy when she looks down if she’s walking. I think she should get that checked out.

There were a few things she wanted me to look at on her computer. I introduced her to Hulu and set up some of her favorites. I also installed Weatherbug and showed her youtube. She was unaware a body could watch stuff online when they wanted and even pause it if something else needed to be done. It looks a lot better than the pitiful excuse for a TV they have over there, too.

I had to dodge Catz coming back to the house.

I’ve been good and not said anything to my sister about her computer. We had the same mother but not the same father so that has to explain our basic difference. She’s had it since Thursday. I would have had it out, set up and been using it since then. Far as I know, it still hasn’t seen the light of day re: Internet access. It’s getting ‘way behind on updates and it was current when I packed it up. I have to be patient, though. It isn’t my problem any more. I did the best I could while it was still here. Whatever happens now, it’s out of my hands.

Tonight, I’m NOT going to stay up late. Mark my words. Twinkle has been fed, I’ve taken my third NAC plus the generic Zantac and I’m ready to go. Good night!

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