Just a’Swangin’

Today has been close to a “do nothing” day. I’ve cooked, eaten, done laundry, made the bed, exercised, and I drank my water. There are probably a few more things—oh, I showered, too.

It was ‘way too late when I went to bed last night. However, that’s one of the perks of being retired. I can “sleep in” if I want. Trouble is, Twinkle doesn’t usually want me to. She still has to be fed.

Speaking of retirement—I’m so glad I took that step when I did. The new CEO at the Mother Ship has been chipping away at benefits. Sometimes it’s been outright slashing. Now, the job descriptions for the area I was in have changed and a college degree will be required for some positions. I wonder if the same guidelines will be followed at the little campus. It’s kind of pick and choose if the same process is still in place that was when I was there.

The disaster in Washington is closer to home than I thought. My friend, Shari, has two students from that area who are missing and her daughter’s friend may be among the fatalities. It’s very sad. I was reading about the recovery efforts on Google News.

DD called this afternoon and the mudslide was a main topic of conversation. It’s a sad situation.

My sister is still getting familiar with her “new” ‘puter. Someday, I hope she’ll look back and wonder why she thought it was so difficult.

Guess I’d best get the laundry out of the dryer and get ready for bed. Twinkle is already snoozing but she does that off and on all day.

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