Today was the day of my followup appointment with my PCP. I was grateful it had been scheduled at 11:40 TT. I didn’t have to hurry and rush.

I didn’t want to eat too much breakfast. There was an article on Facebook from NPR that caught my eye. I’ve been eating my Bubbies sauerkraut to help the bugs in my gut survive and I figured they needed a treat. I blended two bananas with two heaping teaspoons of raw organic cacao powder, some raw agave nectar, almond milk, vanilla and a dash of black salt. It was delicious. I enjoyed it while I had my quiet time and listened to this week’s Sabbath School lesson discussion. I was even able to take my vitamins, etc., with it. That’s two days in a row!

Loading up all of my meds and supplements, I slipped two mangoes into a bag. After I bathed and dressed, I was in the car when I decided to pick a little bouquet from the thousands of “jonquilts” scattered around the place. I could have really gotten into it and picked a big bouquet but I didn’t want to take the time.

I got to the nursing home about 25 minutes before I’d have to go to the clinic. I gave Genese the mangoes and told her if I had to wait, I wanted her to have to, too. Sort of share the agony. She had me look for a vase to put the posies in but I never found one.

Her clock is a couple of minutes slow so I had to cut out before it said 11:30. I bird-worked across the parking lot and signed in. Of course, a person never gets to see the doc at the appointment time so I took advantage and went to the bathroom.

After sitting for a few minutes (in the waiting room—not the bathroom), the young woman called for me—addressing me as “Mr.” When I got up, she was visibly embarrassed. I told her she wasn’t the only one to make that mistake.

She weighed and measured me (I told her I was wearing at least 20 lubs of clothes) and put me in an exam room I’d never been in. It has a window! Looking out, it took a minute or two to orient myself but I spotted the helipad and it was easy to see the roads from there.

When she came in to take my blood pressure, I told her it would be on the high side and it was. My O2 sat wasn’t as high as usual which was a disappointment. It was still nowhere near to the point I’d need supplemental oxygen.

After window gazing for some minutes, my doctor came in and greeted me. I asked him if my records mentioned anything about diverticulitis. He flipped through and, no, it didn’t. I explained that when the nurse called from Humana, she mentioned that was the reason for my hospitalization. The record said gastroenteritis and that’s what I told her. I’d been rather apprehensive that I had another ailment and it was a relief to find out otherwise.

He told me he’d had another patient who had my exact symptoms and there were others likewise afflicted so I guess it was a bug rather than food poisoning. At any rate, it laid me low for several days and I’m still recovering.

We talked about a few other things, namely my lungs, and he went through my insulated bag of meds and supplements. He agreed that the NAC is supposed to be good for breathing problems. I asked about B-12 and he said he’d give me a shot today but it’s been on backorder for them for a couple or three weeks. He kept the patches I can’t use because the adhesive breaks me out. I told him to pass them on to someone who didn’t have that problem.

The visit over, he hugged me and told me to email him whenever I needed to. Wonder why I like my doctor?

I stopped by Save a Lot and got bananas for 49 cents a lub and didn’t even have to price match them! When I got home, the ad was in the mailbox so I’ll have it for the next time I have to go to town.

The Housesitter wasn’t here yet. The weather had been dismal so I went ahead and fed the critters so she wouldn’t have to.

Twinkle went on high alert so I went and looked out. There was a huge box on the deck. I wrestled it into the living room.

Box of goodies?

My ten meals were here. I started working my way to them.

Dry ice



I went on and finally got to the contents.

Dry milk, margarine, juice and bread

Then there were some rather attractive meals:

Four meals

The nurse had advised me to read the ingredient lists carefully but she didn’t have to. I’m a label-reader from ‘way back.

I separated everything into two camps.

Giveaway and keep

The items on the right are the only things that didn’t have dairy and/or eggs. One meal was okay until I got to “chicken fat”. Now, on what planet is chicken fat vegetarian??

Here it is, all lined up in rows.

What I kept

I was getting rather hungry so I opened the loaf of bread, got out a slice and toasted it. It was horrible. It tasted like the flour was rancid. I’m not so sure I want to victimize birds with it so I’ll put it in the compost bin.

Well, two of the meals could be classed as vegan but one was a breakfast type that’s supposed to thaw in the fridge so I cooked the other. It had spinach but I figured I’d try a little and see if I died. In black and white, it sounded pretty good—rice and beans, plus whole kernel corn with peppers. I got it out, dipped my fork in the spinach and tasted. No flavor at all. I tasted the rice and beans. They were the same. Corn? Not as bad but still pretty awful. I loaded stuff up with salt and was able to take a few bites before I gave up.

Couldn't take it

It will go in the compost tomorrow along with the bread. I’m halfway afraid to try the juices.

I’d put all the other meals in my cousin’s freezer and told her the Housesitter could eat them if she wanted. Now, I’m not sure they are edible.

It’s a worthy program and would be good if the food was decent. There’s no nutrition if it can’t be ingested, though.

I ate some of my own food and was almost through when the Housesitter came over. I’d seen her car in the driveway and figured I’d give her time to settle in before I put in an appearance. When I met her at the door, I told her I was eating and I’d be over in a few.

We visited and then she got her computer out. I’m not familiar with Windows 8. When I got the new-to-me computer, I asked for Windows 7 to be installed. I stumbled around and found her desktop that, to me, would drive me nuts but she likes it. She doesn’t like the way it acts, though. I knew there are programs out there to bring back the start menu and found Start8, a program that’s recommended by one of the people on ZDNet. I downloaded and installed the trial. She was so pleased with it, she was ready to shell out the $4.99 for it then and there but if her computer upgrades to 8.1, she’ll have a start button for free. She has a month to decide, anyway.

Come to find out, she has been paying for Norton even though she hasn’t been using it. I chatted with a rep and got the auto-renew disabled. Her money wouldn’t be refunded because it had been more than 60 days. No telling how much she’s paid out. It makes me want to spit nails. I advised her to call and have Norton blocked from charging to her credit card, anyway. I’ll have to remind her to do it tomorrow.

It was almost dark when I came home. It’s been quite a day and I’m ready for bed. Twinkle’s already dozing.

7 Responses to Confirmation

  1. Terry in the keys March 19, 2014 at 10:29 pm #

    Glad you’re still alive and found out others have had your same problem and it isn’t a lasting thing.:-)

    • Tommie March 19, 2014 at 10:32 pm #

      Misery loves company?

  2. Lila March 20, 2014 at 7:29 am #

    I don’t understand about the ten meals. Is there something on a former post that I missed?

  3. Mary Jane March 20, 2014 at 8:56 pm #

    What a disappointment that the meals are either what you can’t/won’t use or inedible! I guess they tried, but somehow people don’t understand what vegan and vegetarian mean.

    • Tommie March 20, 2014 at 9:18 pm #

      These are, I imagine, food service meals. The bread is marked as such. I pity anyone who has to depend on it/them for sustenance.

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