Back to Work

My first day home, I took it easy as ordered by my cousin. My CIL and I had arrived here (after stopping to get my prescription filled) about 1:30 TT. I’d wondered how I would get my coat—I’d left it in the elder’s (aka Cavalry’s) car. My CIL handed it to me. I breathed a great sigh of relief. It’s the only coat I own and it felt good to put it on. One of the nurses had told me we’d had good weather up until that day and it had turned chilly with a March wind blowing. The wind had knocked the van around on the way home.

Twinkle met me at the door and let me know how concerned she was. I went into the kitchen to check her food situation and the bowl wasn’t where I’d left it. I looked all around and spied it by her Bubbler. Uh-oh! It was thoughtful of my CIL to think it should be there but, sure enough, she had gotten food into the water and it was yucky. That thing is heavy when it’s been filled and I’d done that a day or so before I had to leave. I wrestled it over to the sink and dumped the water, then let more water come in. I gave it a “lick and a promise” and put it back. Moving her food bowl where it belonged, I gave her some fresh. There is method in my madness.

I stayed up long enough to take the first dose of Flagyl. My sister in the Great Northwest used to take it as a precaution against c. difficile and she hated it. I found out why. It tastes terrible. It dissolves so quickly, some of it comes off in my mouth and I’m left with that horrible sensation. I can relate to her hatred. I think I had it via IV in the hospital. While it does taste bad, I would prefer being at home taking it that the alternative of completing the round inhouse.

For the first time in days, I brushed my teeth. Then I prepared to take a nap.

I crawled into bed and Twinkle wouldn’t leave me alone. She’d come in and walk around the frame and LOOK at me with those worried eyes. I tried to get her to settle down beside me but NO. She would jump down, go into the living room and then here she’d come back. I GAVE up and GOT up.

It wasn’t my intention to do a blog post but I surely wasn’t going to clean house, either. I finished the post early but I had to stay up and take my next dose of Flagyl. I was so brain dead, I couldn’t figure out a schedule for it so I started googling taking medication every 8 hours. One precious man had posted he’d worked out a dosing schedule for his wife—6 am., 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. That would work for me. I’m often up until 10, anyway. I went to my netbook, googled “timer” and set it for long enough it would go off at 10. At 10, I set it for 8 hours and all I’ve been doing since is clicking on “reset”. Pretty nifty but I’ll be glad when I don’t have to use it any more.

My first meal at home was mostly crackers and the juices I’d brought home from my last hospital tray. My second meal was more crackers and I ate a few to mitigate the yucky feeling the Flagyl gives my stomach.

Next morning, I peeled myself off the ceiling when the timer went off after 8 hours and went to the kitchen. I took the Flagyl, turned up the Dr. Heaters and went back to bed. That’s been my morning routine since. I take care to shut the door. As long as it’s dark outside, it’s okay with Twinkle for me to be in the bedroom.

Thursday morning, I didn’t feel 100% but I felt more “hooman” than I had for days. I had a long shower (without a plastic bag on my arm), did laundry and took care of the dishes.

The phone rang. It was a strange number but mine isn’t widely known so I answered. It was my case manager from Humana wanting to know about my stay. Had I been given any information on discharge? Yes, I was presented with a large array of information tailored to me. I was quite impressed. It was professionally done, too, rather than the crooked copies and scribbled forms I’d been used to (though I didn’t add the last).

She informed me that, as a recent patient in the hospital, I was eligible for 10 frozen meals. Did I want to take advantage of that? Well, did they have vegan meals? No, but they do have vegetarian. We-ell, I don’t eat dairy or eggs. She agreed that some of them would probably have dairy in them but I could read the ingredients and, if I couldn’t eat them, I could give them away. Oh, well. Sure. Send ’em on. She’d have someone call and confirm the address and place the order. “Oh, and be sure to call and make a followup appointment with your PCP. You DO have his number?”

I didn’t hear the phone when that person called but she left a number (which I failed to call back until the next day).

It wasn’t as hard to stay up that night so I could take the accursed Flagyl. One of my Facebook friends said to change the schedule to an hour earlier and I could go to bed when I pleased. That’s okay. I’ll just stick with this.

Yesterday, I was wiped out again. I had an email from the editor saying the lessons were ready for me to add the anchors to both versions and the links to the mobile version. Usually, I can get a rhythm going and knock out the links pretty quickly but it took no telling how long to do the first lesson—and I still have 12 to go. PLUS nine of the helps. HELP!! She said there was no hurry, though. I’m glad. Lesson 2 doesn’t start until April 5. If anyone wants to study ahead, they can use the other version.

I’d promised to take some things to church for the pianist’s DIL. That was Thursday when I was feeling decent. I had to admit to myself I didn’t need to be going anywhere. I called the elder/Cavalry and asked him to come get them. He was in the valley and would have to come by my turnoff on his way home so I set the things on the deck and he picked them up. I called the pianist and let her know I wouldn’t show.

Twinkle has kind of eased off on her eating. She was up to 3/4 can a day but now it’s like a half. Her bowls aren’t conducive to her cleaning the food up. It gets stuck on the side so I looked for a non-stick bowl and found it. Hopefully, that will do the trick. Whatever she doesn’t eat, I set outside for The Catz.

This morning, it was peel-myself-off-the-ceiling time, take the Flagyl, go back to bed. I did my reading/studying (I’d done some catching up Thursday) and had breakfast. A bath would surely feel good so I ran the water and immersed myself for as long as I wanted.

I’d gotten out of the tub and was drying off when the doorbell rang. Who on earth??! My hair was still dripping as was a lot of the rest of me. I pulled my housecoat onto my wet body not having time to zip it up, and went to the door clutching it closed. I peeked around and it was the Computer Owner. She’d recovered from her upper respiratory infection and was looking all perky. I probably looked like something Twinkle dragged in. I told her I wasn’t presentable so she handed me the bag with the containers I’d used to send the food home with her and said she’d see me later. She was on her way to eat lunch with friends. If I’d known ahead of time…

Speaking of eating, I’ve been ingesting a lot of bland foods. I made mashed potatoes and had them for two meals. I eat crackers and toast. I’ve tried other things but they taste terrible. My sister had c. diff (which I don’t have) for six months once and all she could eat were mashed potatoes and grilled cheese sandwiches. I guess it was because of the horrible taste. I’d thought, before, that was all her body could tolerate. I’m out in the cold as far as the cheese is concerned. I tried some Daiya and it tastes “off”, too. My last dose is Monday morning and, surely, by Tuesday, my taste buds will be back to normal.

It was a beautiful day out and the “jonquilts” (as my nephews would call them) are in bloom all over the place. I guess the cold weather really did them justice. I couldn’t resist going out and taking some pictures.

Under the redbud

By the falling down fence

In a thicket

And then there’s the beautiful view from the deck:

My beautiful view

Maybe the March winds will blow a little harder and take the rest of it down. If I had the strength and energy, I’d take a sledgehammer to it but I don’t know that it would look any better then.

Well, I have an hour to go but I don’t think I’ll spend it blogging. I’m all caught up now and if there’s something I’ve missed, just count your blessings.

4 Responses to Back to Work

  1. Denise March 15, 2014 at 10:39 pm #

    Your flowers are pretty!!! I will pray for your speedy recovery. The tax preparer has agreed to look at my predictament for chocolate.

    • Tommie March 15, 2014 at 10:46 pm #

      Thanks and I knew she’d do it!

  2. Mary Jane March 16, 2014 at 6:54 pm #

    I have some “jonquilts” in bloom, plus hundreds more that will bloom a little later. I planted lots and lots several years ago so I would have enough to pick all that I want to! I should have plenty for bouquets for all the tables when the group I’m in has the hostess dinner after church in April.

    I can just imagine how good that bath felt! As usual, I’ll be taking one before bed tonight. One of life’s little luxuries.

    • Tommie March 16, 2014 at 7:46 pm #

      The wife of one of DH’s nephews has a picture of herself on Facebook in a huge patch of “jonquilts”. Mine are scattered everywhere. I’m sure the hard rains we’ve had have washed them here and there and the squirrels have helped “plant” them. I need to throw my bouquet away. It’s looking a bit ragged.

      I do love baths! I’m glad it was over when the doorbell rang, though.

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