A Day for Drivers

When I got up this morning, there was a boatload of updates waiting to be installed on the latest project. I started it going and figured I was through when I got the message that Windows was all up to date. Well, maybe for five minutes, anyway.

I started going through the drivers. This one wasn’t installed. That one needed to be updated. I put in the driver CD. It went to work installing various ones. Some failed. Fortunately, I could get them directly from the site. I was feeling pretty good about it until just a short while ago. There was a little icon on the shut down button that looked all too familiar. When I clicked it, it shut everything down and said 114 updates were waiting to be installed—so it’s doing its thing. Again.

After I took my bath, I went into Twinkle’s bathroom and heard rain! Lots of it! I thought, “I coulda sworn it was supposed to be sunny.” I listened more closely and realized it was the commode. I thought it had hung up so I flushed it. When I went back in, it was making the same noise. I took the top off the tank and, OH NO!! water was spewing out of the pipe that comes up from the supply line. I closed the valve and mentally added another item to my cousin’s “to do” list.

She called me a bit later and I told her about the problem. I figure that will mean replacement of the innards. The water has been leaking out of the commode, anyway, so it’s been needing attention.

One of my friends has contacted me about joining a CSA. I’m not sure I want to get involved. When I did participate a few years ago, I could buy what I wanted but I have a feeling this would be more structured than that. It’s also pretty expensive. I’m sure the food is good quality. The email says,

We are a certified naturally grown fruit and vegetable farm and we work hard to bring you uncontaminated, GMO free fruits and vegetables. We will have over 50+ varieties throughout the season. Each box will have 6-12 varieties.

I don’t know where they deliver. There are too many unknowns at this point.

Twinkle has been drinking out of the Bubbler! She hasn’t had much choice. It was either that or be thirsty. At first, she’d dip a paw in and lick it off. I turned the bubbles down so they weren’t popping in her face so now she gets down and drinks. Woohoo!

The lessons are still to do. I’d asked the fellow who does the helps to go over them and he says he did but the same problems are cropping up. I hadn’t counted on having to add so much to them.

This is Genese’s oldest “child’s” birthday. She wrote on the her wall,

33 years ago today, i became a mother for the 1st time. i named my daughter Kimberly because i loved that name and Augusta after my Mother and a great Aunt. She was the most beautiful baby i had ever seen. At just 8 hours old, her lung collapsed and she was whisked off to Vanderbilt’s neo-natal ICU in Nashville. She was a determined, stubborn fighter and on March 9th she was returned to me. She was so tiny at just 6 lbs, she reminded me of the squirrels i used to help Grandpa Walling skin. She earned her nickname, Snoopy, because she was breastfed and slept when me. when she woke up hungry, she would start snooping and rooting around, whining for a nipple.

the years have flown and now is a wonderful mother herself. i couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful, smart, compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful and loving young woman my Snoopy has become.

I thought that was so sweet, I had to share it even though it’s very personal. Of course, when you post something on Facebook, it isn’t exactly private.

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