A Lazy Sunday

In spite of the title, I was up earlier than usual. My quiet time and breakfast were over and done and I got started on transferring.

You see (and this is a confession), I wasn’t successful staving off the urge to get another computer. While the one I had (still have) is a good computer, it isn’t beefy enough to run some of my huge programs. I’d all but given up trying to use PaintShop Photo Pro. I’d have quite a bit done on a picture and it would freeze up and give me the message “PaintShop Photo Pro has stopped working”, etc., etc. Since that was my imaging program of choice, it was aggravating, to say the least.

I’d looked on Amazon and even the used more powerful computers were a bit out of my reach. After Amazon, I started checking eBay. They were a bit more my speed. I didn’t want to spend my whole refund from the IRS. However, I was willing to pay enough that I shouldn’t have to upgrade again for several years.

I settled on one. There were several available from one seller. We messaged back and forth about specs. It was down to the last one when I sent another question (I’m full of ’em when it’s something like this). I checked the page again and it had been sold. When I got the answer to my question from the seller, I wrote back it didn’t matter because the computer was gone.

Praying is second nature to me—maybe even first. I prayed that if I was to get that particular make and model of computer, there would be more. The seller wrote back and said he had a couple more. He’d post them and I could buy one if I still wanted it.

When I went back to the page, it directed me to a different one and the price was $100 higher. I contacted the seller. I couldn’t pay that price. He said to give him a few minutes and he’d mark it down to what he’d sold the others for. I did and he did. I held my breath, prayed and clicked the “Buy it now” button.

It took four days to get here. They were the longest four days I’ve had in recent memory. When I unpacked it, I found a minute scratch on the lid and the left arrow button doesn’t have a complete white arrow. Stickers were a bit crooked and the power supply has some fingerprints but, other than that, it looks brand new. Performance-wise, I’m very happy. It runs PaintShop Photo Pro like a champ.

My cousin came over today and never would have known the difference if I hadn’t pointed it out to her. I was telling DD about it when she called and I think she got a kick out of her 70 year old mother owning a gaming machine. She asked, “Are you going to gear up World of Warcraft?” or some such. Nope. I’m not into that but it takes more than what I had to run the program she and merm got me for Christmas several years ago.

PaintShop ProDS2 and his family gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday. I’d toyed with the idea of putting it toward the 6th version of PaintShop Pro but I was able to talk myself out of that one. I’m familiar with X3 and it does everything I need it to do. I ended up ordering some different B-12 patches instead.

One of my North Carolina sisters has a bad cold. I talked to her today and she was sounding pretty terrible. In spite of that, she pushed herself to do more than she probably should have. The other one, I’m sure, has been out hunting bears with a switch.

For myself, I have been transferring stuff from one computer to the other. I had 22.8 GB of pictures that I did during the night. I have a home network set up so I just have to copy and paste to do it. I’ve gotten most of my documents brought over. As I’ve transferred them to the new, I’ve deleted them from the other. It’s been quite a project but a much easier process than ever before. Having Chrome synced is a big help. I don’t have to go through setting up all my links again and gmail is great.

Twinkle is all stretched out on her chair asleep. I’m happy to say I got to bed earlier than usual the last two nights and I hope to keep that trend going.

Genese is having a hard time staying awake with the new medication she’s taking. Her blood pressure has been super low. I think it’s time for a visit from the doc.

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  1. Lila February 24, 2014 at 8:40 am #

    Congratulations on your new “toy”. I’m way behind with reading your blog, but will gradually get there. Have a fun day!

    • Tommie February 24, 2014 at 8:50 am #

      Thanks! I’m enjoying it! The other computer’s a nice ‘un but this runs my BIG programs with ease.

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