Am I Seeing Spots?

I may have to stop to answer the phone but I’ll try to get done what I can before it rings. I guess you’d never know if I did have to interrupt this, anyway.

The Computer Owner called this morning to let me know she’d call me tonight in case I wanted to order something from Melaleuca. She told me that one of the ladies who used to come to our church wasn’t doing well and hospice had been called in.

Later in the day, one of my friends called to tell me the lady had passed away and asked if I could get the word out to the church members. I emailed a message to the church list as well as posting it on my Facebook group. I don’t know if Genese has seen it or not. She benefited from the lady being in the nursing home where she is. Because of her stay, Genese gets garbanzos and other yummy things she didn’t before. I’ve sent her a private message on Facebook. I’d rather she didn’t find out about it from my blog.

When I put something in my compost container, I could have sworn I saw a gnat. After all the frigid temps we’ve had, is that possible? Where do they hang out during such weather?

My cousin called to see if I would feed the babies and The Catz. It was no problem. The day has been a beautiful sunny one with a high of 68. Tonight, that is bound to change.

Weatherbug 02202014

I haven’t seen anything about the terrible tornadic activity that was predicted in the last couple of days for tonight. There’s a watch for the counties west of here and a wind advisory in the next county over but nothing spectacular is supposed to hit us. I hope They’re right.

Well, the phone rang and it was the Computer Owner. She took my Melaleuca order and then we set about getting her educated on Facebook. There was a post that she needed to get rid of, a “like” that she wanted to “unlike” and a photo that needed to be untagged. We got those taken care of, then we started on her cover photo. Here’s what it looked like to begin with:


I walked her through getting a sample photo and I thought she chose one that was pretty cute.


Oh, dear! I believe I’ve created a monster! I’d advised her to leave it alone until she had some photos uploaded but she was intent on playing.


After that, I had to ask her if she’d learned enough for tonight. I needed to finish my blog post. So here I am. It’s going on 10 o’clock and, if I don’t hurry, it will be 11 again before I hit the hay. Twinkle’s to feed and that’s just the beginning of the list.

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