Laying Up In Store

Not wanting to take any chances with the weather, I called the Animal Hospital this morning to see if they had a case of Twinkle Food in stock. When I got a yes, I told the girl I would be down either this afternoon or tomorrow.

I was expecting a package via UPS so I had to hang around until it came. I wouldn’t have done that except it was one of those “signature required” ones. I prefer not having to sign but if I had my choice, I’d prefer not to have my package stolen, either.

UPS comes much earlier when I’m not looking for the truck. I guess it’s kind of like “a watched pot won’t boil”. Anyway, by and by, the knock came on the door. When I opened it, I was surprised to see a new UPS man. Maybe he wasn’t “new” but I’d never seen him before. He was/is young, quite handsome and was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts. Evidently, it was warm enough for such garb but I still had on my sweats.

He presented me with the little signature pad/scanner thingy and I scrawled my John Henry on it. There’s no way it can be legible. He handed the package over and continued on.

After I opened said package, I left for the Animal Hospital. I have to go right by Delia’s on the way there and back so I kept a running argument with myself about whether I should stop and get something to go or not.

When I walked into the hospital, it dawned on me I’d failed to take my coupon for $7 off. The lady said it was okay. I could bring it by the next time I’m in town and she credited that amount. She asked how Twinkle is doing and I told her she’s eating 3/4+ can a day. She was impressed as she should have been. A few weeks ago, she was eating 1/8 can and I was throwing part of that away.

My argument with myself continued until I was past Delia’s. My practical side won out. The budget is intact.

I called my cousin when I got home. I’d eaten a piece of pie this morning but I knew I didn’t need the rest. I kept a small piece and told her I’d take the rest to my CIL. She was in Chattanooga at the time but would be seeing him before the day was over.

Well, Genese has won the game I prophesied she would. Here are the standings. I don’t have all her stats but mine are:

Wordscraper including STATS

I was just about to give flickr a piece of my mind a while ago. Since Yahoo has taken the site over, it’s a headache and a half to get in once I get out. I asked for them to send me my user name and password so they did only the password wouldn’t work. It’s obvious I’d had the same problem before because the password they sent was “frustrationgalore”. I’m so glad I don’t have Yahoo mail. My sister has it and gets locked out of her account every now and then. I’ll take gmail any day.

Twinkle’s pad has shifted. I should adjust it. She almost fell off the chair in her sleep a little while ago. After I do that, I’m going to bed. I wasted a lot of time trying to get into flickr. I’m officially tired.

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  1. Lila February 26, 2014 at 8:52 pm #

    Actually, I have only been locked out of Yahoo once. However, there are some changes that I don’t like, and maybe one of these days I’ll switch.

    • Tommie February 27, 2014 at 8:23 am #

      Maybe I’m remembering more than was actual. It seems you’ve had trouble of one sort or other but maybe not. I had Yahoo mail for about five minutes before I switched. 🙂 You can keep it as long as you want. Just don’t try to talk me into it. 😀

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