Pax Pooped

For days ‘n’ days, all the talk has been centered around Pax, the next major winter storm to come through. There’s been all sorts of preparation. Some areas, I’ll admit, have been hard hit but the 3-5″ we were supposed to get is almost nowhere to be seen. Unless Pax makes up for lost time, Pax pooped out before he got to my house. I’ve been a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to some good ol’ fashioned snow cream.

I know these pictures are getting to be a bit monotonous but this is what it looked like about an hour before dark. The ground isn’t frozen so the snow hasn’t had much of a chance to accumulate. It didn’t even start coming down until after noon.


It’s supposed to keep it up tonight (near 100% chance) and 40% tomorrow morning. It remains to be seen if it happens. I’m getting more and more skeptical. Genese’s daughter posted that it’s picked up in town in the last hour or so. I looked out but I can’t tell any difference here. There aren’t that many lights around to help me see, though.

Pax has kept my cousin from coming home. She called this morning to check on me and said they would have started out yesterday except for the mess between here and there. And now I’m humbled. I looked up Google News and lots of people are feeling The Wrath of Pax. I guess we’re getting the gentler side here.

Whenever I would open the door today, there would be at least one cat right there begging for food. I know they’re being fed but you’d think they were starving to death. Last time, here came four of them.

I haven’t heard from my sister in North Carolina today. I hope she has power. I’m not concerned about anything else because I know she has plenty of food and toilet paper.

The lessons are all proofed/added to/corrected. I don’t have all the links in them because I’ve run into trouble with the (reference) helps. The person who has been doing them up until this quarter had help. The helper isn’t quite up on what’s expected and I’ve had to do ‘way more than is routine to the first three documents. When they’ve been checked and brought up to snuff, I shall proceed.

Twinkle has eaten a lot today. I hope she keeps it up. She’s getting back to ripping through the house again, too. Now, if only she’ll gain weight but she may run it all off.

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  1. Terry in the keys February 13, 2014 at 11:49 am #

    It didn’t do much but flurry just north of you where I am, til 6 in the evening but by 8:30 PM there was 2.5 inches and 7 by this morning. Plenty for gs to sled in and for the neighbors to build a large snowman at 10 PM last night when we had 4.5 inches.:-)

    • Tommie February 13, 2014 at 2:55 pm #

      I have pictures to post this evening. It’s supposed to be 43 out there. This won’t last long but it’s pretty.

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