Remember the weather model I posted some days back? Well, it didn’t come about when it was predicted. It’s waited almost a week and weakened a bit but Pax is on the warpath. Time was when winter storms weren’t named and it still isn’t official but “Pax” indicates just how many there have been. Let’s see. P is #16 in the alphabet. That’s a pretty good number of major storms the US has been dealt this season. I wonder what will happen if there are more than 26?

Here’s what the map looks like for my neck o’ the woods (according to Weatherbug).

Severe Weather

Earlier, my county and the ones surrounding it were in the “advisory” area. Now we’ve been upgraded (?) to “warning”.

My sister who is currently in North Carolina was having heat pump problems and the new one was installed just yesterday. With Pax on the way, I know she’s glad to have it done. She said, “Now, if the electricity will just stay on…”

Our sister who is visiting her daughter is content to stay put until the weather is more travel-friendly. I’m the only one with an animal in the house so it isn’t like she has a real need to get home.

DS1 sent me a couple of pictures on Google+. These were posted fairly early this morning. He hasn’t sent any others but I figure there was more snow.

DS1's Snow

DS1's Driveway

That driveway is long and steep. I’d hate to try to navigate it with it covered with snow.

There were major problems on I-75 and people were being warned not to venture out if they didn’t absolutely have to. You can count on my staying home until Pax moves on.

I’ve put in more time on the lessons. I have three more to correct. The editor has already asked her contact for the manuscript for the third quarter. I guess it’s just as well because I prefer more time to get it done.

Looks like it’s 30 degrees out there. I haven’t been seeing the cats around. One did come up on the deck today. I can’t tell them apart other than it was a gray striped one. There are three of them, including Six. Twinkle hissed at one the other day so maybe the word has gotten around that an Attack Cat lives here.

2 Responses to An-ti-si-pay-shun

  1. Genese February 11, 2014 at 11:42 pm #

    I loved the song “Anticipation” long before the ketchup ad had everyone singing it.

    When weather systems come at us from the south during the winter we usually get whalloped. I hope it isn’t as bad as some are saying,

    • Tommie February 12, 2014 at 8:19 am #

      Oh, me, too!! I don’t think Carly Simon sang anything I didn’t like!

      Well, Pax is slow in getting here. I wonder if he is going to pass us by completely?

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