Get Thee Behind Me…

Ever since I did my tax return, I’ve been bitten by The Bug. My notebook arrived on my mother’s birthday, August 17, ‘way back in 2009. That makes it right at four and a half years old. That’s pretty ancient in computer years. It still works and it’s given me minimal trouble. True, it can be kind of slow on the uptake but I expect a lot from it—and demand it, too.

ASUSTo begin with, I had considered upgrading the memory. It has 4 GB of RAM so I thought maybe boosting that would help. When I started investigating, I found that it is maxed out because it’s a 32 bit operating system. I could upgrade to Windows 8 64 bit but that would involve doing a clean install and it would boggle my mind to even think about backing up everything I need to keep on this computer.

So…I’ve been looking. I started out on Amazon and then went to eBay. I messaged back and forth with one seller who had pretty much what I’d want but I wasn’t convinced on the price. Besides, my refund hasn’t even been processed yet so I don’t want to get the cart before the horse (like I did the offering before the prayer yesterday). I’m trying to be sensible but it ain’t easy.

I didn’t go to the prayer breakfast. I didn’t even wake up until almost 8:30 and it started at 9. It’s kind of obvious that I was tired. Earlier, I’d been awake for a little while and when I went back to sleep, I had strange dreams. I was caring for someone’s baby (thankfully, not my own) and its bladder was about as reliable as mine. Every time I turned around, it had a wet diaper.

I’d gone somewhere and left The Baby with a friend. Then I lost track of where it was and was frantic. By and by, I found it and was going to put something in the car before we left. The car (I think it must’ve been my rattletrap of a 70-something Cadillac) was parked in a lot that had bays like Murphy beds. It was folded up into its compartment and I couldn’t get the door open. I don’t know what happened after that.

The balance of the day has been spent making waffles (they taste a lot like my cornbread ones) (I think that’s because I used the “buttermilk” recipe), eating, washing dishes (well, I did have to put the soap packet in and turn the dishwasher on) and working on the Sabbath School lessons. My friend had slipped me the second quarter study guide yesterday which makes it much easier to proof and correct. When I told the editor I had it, she was amazed. She thought the only way to get one this early is to subscribe.

The word about the Mexican restaurant has been put out. I even scanned the menu and emailed it to my church list. I’d discovered it is complete. When I took it off the scanner, it opened up. I’d thought it was just front and back but it also has inside pages.

Twinkle has turned in for the night and I should, too.

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  1. Mary Jane February 10, 2014 at 3:59 pm #

    If you’re confused/undecided about what to do about a computer think how I feel!!

    • Tommie February 10, 2014 at 4:08 pm #

      The difference is, I can upgrade this one. I’m just not sure I want to.

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