It’s the LAST Night…

Sixty years ago about now, Mother said, “It’s the LAST night you’ll ever be nine years old.” It was the same time every year with just the numbers changing. It would make me almost wish I wasn’t having a birthday the next day.

But not quite. When I was four, I wanted to be six. When I was six, I wanted to be 10. When I was 10, 16 was the magic number. Then 21. After I reached 21, there was no age I wished to be unless it was to go backward. However, that wasn’t possible.

Birthday Wordscraper

Time marches on and here I am—69 years old and, in a few more hours, I’ll have reached another milestone. The Big Seven OH!! When I was 16, I never imagined myself to be 70. Back then, 30 was old. But here I am. I’ve lived through a lot to get where I am.

Where I was this morning was right here. But that wasn’t to be for long. My cousin sent me a message on Facebook that it was too cold for her to get under the house and work on the drain. I could understand that. It had gotten down to 21 last night. Not as frigid as it HAS been but cold. She assured me it was okay for me to take a bath. The water would just run out under the house and it would be nowhere near the floor. I heard something fall the other day and I wondered if it could be the icicles that had built up over time.

I was getting ready to go take my bath when the phone rang. It was my sister. She’s visiting my niece close to the university and I’d made plans to go see her today. She wanted to make sure her trip to Bi-Lo didn’t overlap with my arrival and I assured her it wouldn’t.

After my bath, I had dressed and had my coat on, ready to start putting things in the car when the phone rang again. She wanted to know if I could print off Schedule A. I’d find it on the IRS website. I looked it up and asked if she wanted the instructions, too. Yes, she did. I started the printing and when I went into the bedroom to check on it, I discovered the paper was wrinkled. I decided I’d copy the form and that’s when I discovered the out-of-paper situation had stopped the printing of the instructions. I thought three pages was awfully brief for a government document.

I loaded paper into the tray and it printed. And printed. And printed. My sister is trained to do taxes and she’s of the old paper, pencil and calculator ilk. When I was glancing over the instructions, I was glad all over again that I’m of the electronic ilk. That done, I loaded up and was off.

Today was supposed to be mostly cloudy. That was a lie. It was all cloudy. And it was whizzin’ cold. My sister had advised me to dress warmly. I did. I had on my sweats, heavy socks and my winter coat and, with the heater going, I was comfortable. At one point, I even had to turn said heater down.

It was almost noon when I got to the house. Sister had said for me to call her when I got there and she’d open the door. I was waiting for a signal when there was a knock on the window. She’d looked out and saw me fooling with my phone.

I took all my Stuff into the house and we visited a bit while she set about fixing lunch. I contributed half an avocado for the salad (she kept the other half when she found out I have 5.5 here at home) (I gave three to my CIL) and by and by we sat down to feast on rice, beans and salad. It was all delicious. She brought out some dark chocolate to top it off.

She got out a thank you note I had written her eons ago. We laughed and talked and “a good time was had by all”, to quote a columnist in the years-gone-by local weekly newspaper.

We visited some more and I showed her Thunderbird, thinking she might be able to encourage our sister to download and install it. Currently, she uses Juno and gets hundreds of spam messages. She has a gmail account, too, that I set up to import her Juno messages. It filters out most of the spam but she doesn’t like web mail. I don’t blame her. I don’t, either. Anyway, she likes the Juno desktop email program. I figure Thunderbird would bridge the gap between Juno and web mail. I hope.

Then we looked at my eye exercise materials. I really do need to get back into doing that.

Meanwhile, the grandkids came home and that convinced me it was later than I’d intended to stay. I loaded up and was on my way to the university supermarket.

I pretty much stuck to my list. I’m always amazed at things I find/don’t find there. It’s supposed to be a vegan/vegetarian market but they don’t have vegan chocolate chips. They do have Kraft marshmallows. If I looked closely, I could probably find other inconsistencies, but I was there to spend money.

Spend money, I did. When I was going through the checkout, the pretty young cashier was scanning my purchases. The screen gives a running total. I looked at it and said, “It’s going up too fast!” She looked alarmed and stopped what she was doing. I told her I was just joking. She breathed a sigh of relief and said that sometimes they have to go in and make a correction if a price is wrong. Sadly, all of mine seemed to be correct. It was a large chunk of cash but it was the first time I’d been there since, I guess, DS1’s birthday in September.

Because of the thick cloud cover, it seemed later than it was when I went to the car. I’d considered stopping at Walmart but decided against it. It was still daylight when I got home.

Everything’s unloaded, put away, and I’ve had a light supper. I still need to feed Twinkle and I hope she won’t gift me with another blob of upchuck like she did this morning.

Tomorrow is The Day. I’d just as soon not turn 70 but I don’t like the alternative, either.

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  1. Mary Jane February 7, 2014 at 5:15 pm #

    Congratulations on reaching another milestone!

    When you’re my age 70 will look a lot younger than it does to you now!

    • Tommie February 7, 2014 at 6:23 pm #

      Your age is looking younger and younger!

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