Chili Redux

Before I went to bed, I put some red beans to soak. I was determined to redeem the too spicy chili. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like spicy but this was on the other side of hot. It was the kind of heat that creeps up on you and then grabs you by the back of your throat. Well, that isn’t quite accurate, either, because it doesn’t creep. It jumps, springs, slams you right in the mouth.

As soon as I got up, I started the beans to cooking. I didn’t realize they were done until they were really really soft. Okay. They’d do to stretch the chili, anyway. I dumped all of the chili into the pan with the beans and stirred. Grabbing a spoon out of the drawer, I tasted. Still too spicy. What to do? I left the pan on the back of the stove until later in the day.

I decided what it needed was a starch component to offset the heat. (Aren’t you impressed by my knowledge of culinary terms? Starch component. That sounds knowledgeable.) I got my biggest skillet out and set about making a roux. I kind of overdid it and made a bit too much but that was okay. It would just stretch it that much more. I stirred in the chili and beans.

And I stirred. And stirred. And stirred.

It kept getting thicker and thicker. Of course it would. That’s what a roux does. It thickens.

I put it all back in the pan where I’d have more room. Then I started adding water. I’d add it and stir, then add some more and stir. I tasted it and I’d over-milded it.

That’s when I started redoing the chili taste. I broke out the chili powder and sprinkled some in. It had no effect at all that I could taste. I sprinkled in a bit more, then took the top off and dumped some in. The Frontier Mexican Fiesta came next along with some garlic granules and onion powder. It was getting better.

By that time it was a very dull brown so I put in some tomato paste. It needed something else. My McKay’s Vegan Beef Style Seasoning came into play. After I stirred it some more, I called it a day and quit attempting to “Fix That Dish”.

That isn’t all I’ve done. I ate and got dressed. I put clean clothes on a dirty body. Tomorrow, I’ll have to break down and wash myself no matter what. I also rebounded, did laundry and took care of Twinkle.

My sister called and we had a good conversation. Later, I called my neighbor and he actually answered the phone! I’m not all alone on the mountain! BTW, I didn’t have to feed the critters today.

I was brave and, at supper, I ate a cup of chili. It has some heat but it’s manageable now. By George, I think I did it!

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  1. Mary Jane February 6, 2014 at 4:56 pm #

    Got a good laugh out of your re-doing the chili! Maybe you can invite all the neighbors in for supper. BTW, Theodore thought “roux” was a very funny word, so I always think of him when I hear/see it.

    • Tommie February 6, 2014 at 6:35 pm #

      Just got back from seeing our other sister so it’s a bit too late for that today.

      It is a funny word. So is “wish”. Say it out loud and think about the sound while you’re saying it.

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