A Budget Hit

It wasn’t raining when I got up. Twinkle was sitting outside my door, waiting patiently. For a wonder, she hadn’t started meowing. I hadn’t gone to bed on time again last night and I was dragging.

The sun tried its best to burn through the clouds and it succeeded on a few occasions but none of them lasted long.

My pantry was getting low on a few things so I decided to get ready and go to town. First, I checked my email. Big mistake. There was a message from the editor saying she wanted me to go through the file the HTML expert had uploaded and correct umpteen dozen errors. He had misunderstood her instructions and had emphasized text that shouldn’t have been. I’d given her my humble opinion that he should be the one to do it but she countered that it was actually her fault. So…it fell to me to do it. I guess I could have argued and she would have done it but her bandwidth is limited. If she goes over, it’s quite an increase.

She assured me it would take an average of one minute per lesson times the number of lessons which totaled 13. Well, I could handle 13 minutes. Once I started through the document, I found more and more corrections to be made. After most of an hour had passed, I got up from the computer and got ready to go.

Since it was already much later than I wanted to be leaving, I knew the critters would be teeming for food if I waited until I got back to feed them. The cats escorted me and were all excited when I’d finished with the babies. It was funny when one of them tried to jump up on the door only to fall back because my cousin had taken the screen off.

I couldn’t go to Walmart without checking the other stores’ ads. I found half gallon almond milk 2/$5, bananas 49 cents a lub and avocados for 39 cents each. I printed off the ads plus the detail for the milk and avocados and I had the banana ad from the Shopper. I was all set.

Going through the store, one woman was lamenting that she couldn’t find carrot cake. I told her I make my own and have a couple pieces left. Then I suggested there might be one in the bakery.

My vanilla supply needed to be replenished so I went to the spice section. A woman was comparing the pure vanilla extract with the imitation vanilla. She wondered what the difference was. With my knowledge acquired from the WWW, I was able to tell her. Imitation vanilla flavoring is from the anal glands of beavers. If you don’t believe me, read for yourself. That isn’t all. Raspberry and strawberry flavors that aren’t real can come from the same source.

She made a face and said, “UGH! And vanilla extract?” I told her that comes from vanilla beans and is my choice. We each got a big bottle and went our separate ways.

Checkout was simpler. I went through a young woman’s line and gave her my materials up front. She was impressed with my preparation. Besides the savings on the almond milk, I had a coupon for $1 off. Between my price matching and my coupons, I saved over $8.

It was getting pretty cool out so I hurried on home. I stopped at the mailbox and that’s when I got the bad news for last month’s power and water bill. Lacking 14 cents, it’s $315. That’s the highest I can remember it’s ever been. With so many nights with the temperatures either in single digits or sub-zero and days on end when it didn’t get above freezing, I guess I can be thankful it isn’t more. The water bill is almost $43 plus tax. My payment is still $208 but this might push me into owing something at the end of the fiscal year.

My driver license came and it’s odd to see 2019 as when it will expire. Of course, five years ago, 2014 was strange.

Dodging Cats, I unloaded, and got things put away. I’ve eaten supper, watched some Superbowl ads (and while some of them are nice, none seem overly special so far), and am fighting sleep.

I bought Twinkle some catnip and sprinkled it on her toy. She sat beside it but I think she believes I’m The Operator and it won’t work without me. Well, guess what?

Genese’s room is getting organized. Her sister-in-law was there today and worked on it and her daughter was planning to take her supper and do some more. I know she’ll be relieved to have it done. One nice touch—the maintenance man took pictures of her walls and everything is back like it was. She was especially pleased at the thoughtfulness.

I had three emails from the editor waiting for me. I’ve uploaded some files but that’s all I’m doing tonight. For me, it’s quitting time.

2 Responses to A Budget Hit

  1. Mary Jane February 4, 2014 at 8:51 pm #

    I also had a shock when my electricity bill came–$379.19; water 63.25. I’m very thankful to have such utilities, but hope the next time they will be more reasonable! Just think, though, about those people who are being bombarded with many more days of bitter cold, plus snow and ice. We could be worse off. Look on the bright side!

    • Tommie February 4, 2014 at 9:40 pm #

      This is true. We do have much for which to be thankful!

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