A Sportsing Day

DD shared a comic on Facebook that sums it all up (as far as I’m concerned). I’m incredibly dumb when it comes to football. I know a bit more about baseball. I used to like to watch tennis when Andre Agassi played but football is Greek to me. This is billed as “Every sports interview ever.”


So, while people are talking eating sleeping sportsing, I have been doing otherwise.

This morning, my cousin called. I wasn’t dressed yet but she was getting an early start. She’d been up since 5 and I hadn’t opened my eyes until around 7. She wanted to come over and investigate the leak that is making my bathroom floor wet. “If you hear someone under the house, it’s me,” she said. Twinkle only heard my side of the conversation so when she heard some stirring around, she sat bolt upright with her ears stretched as high as they would go. Her eyes were wide open and bugged out a little. I wish I’d had my camera at the ready.

The doorbell rang and it was my cousin. She asked to have a look at the bathroom. Seems there was evidence of the drain freezing during the really cold weather. Part of the pipe is missing. Gone. Disappeared. The water is running under the house from everything but the commode. She’d shed her shoes on the deck. I told her if she walked on the carpet, she’d get her socks wet and she did. When she went out to put her shoes on, there were wet footprints.

DD called before 2. She, her boyfriend and merm were making preparation for their Superbowl session. I don’t think any of them are into sportsing that much but living in Seattle with the Seahawks playing is exciting. DD was making chili and Mexican cornbread. It sounded so good, I thought I might do the same until I realized it was already after 5 and I’d have to improvise for a lot of the ingredients.

We only talked about 45 minutes. A lot of the time, DD was giving me unsolicited advice (that’s my job). She hung up when merm started taking orders for espresso. I asked for a decaf made with oat milk but it fell on deaf ears.

I was fixing supper when the phone rang again and it was the Computer Owner. She’d be bringing my order by. I asked if she’d like to eat with me but she said she needed to get home and get a load of wood in. Her furnace is down but it isn’t as cold, at least. Did she want a to go plate? She said she has dietary restrictions so we worked out what she could have. I got it ready and waited. And waited and waited. I decided to box up a piece of cake for her and that’s when the doorbell rang.

When she saw what I was doing, she was excited. She loves carrot cake so I stacked another piece on top. I wrote her a check and she was off.

It had been drizzly much of the day but it started really raining as she was leaving. A couple of the cats were on the deck but they’d been fed today. I didn’t have to worry about them.

Besides being Superbowl Sunday, it’s been Groundhog Day all day long. I hadn’t seen the movie for years. I figured it was time.


Everything is put away. The rain is still raining. Twinkle has to be fed and I still have to fill the distiller and turn it on. Then there’s the vaporizer to take care of, my water to drink, and on and on.

Well, it’s over. Denver didn’t sports hard enough. Seattle has walloped them good.

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  1. Mary Jane February 3, 2014 at 10:22 am #

    To misquote “Casey at the Bat”: …Mighty Manning has struck out. Sad to have it so one-sided when it was supposed to be two pretty well matched teams. I’m not a football (or any ball) fan, either, but my children and grandchildren are die-hard Bronco fans, all but one granddaughter having lived in Denver. She and her older sister were born there, but they moved away when she was a few weeks old.

    • Tommie February 3, 2014 at 12:33 pm #

      Sad for some, cause for rejoicing for others. One of my FB friends posted:

      LOL……I just saw two posts back to back on my ticker. The first said “BEST SUPERBOWL EVER!!!” and the second said “WORST SUPERBOWL EVER!”

      Another posted what appeared to be from Twitter:


      It’s all perspective.

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