The Third Time Isn’t Charming

It was -4.5 shortly before I rolled out of bed. You know what that does to the septic tank line. I’ve been afraid to flush the commodes too often today. It was only if I had to that I did, and that last time gave me an indication that all was not flowing the way it was supposed to.

Since I posted a picture of the newly fallen snow yesterday, I thought I’d share some more. First are some not long after sunrise.

Not long after sunrise

This was looking the other direction:

The sun peeking over the house

Since the sun blocked out a lot of that one, I waited a few minutes and took this one:

A few minutes later

Early afternoon saw the snow beginning to melt.

About 1300 hours

My thermometer says the maximum temperature today was 35 degrees at 3:46. This picture was taken just about then.

Around 4 p.m.

Of course, the cats discovered I was outside so they came over to let me know they were hungry. Four showed up, the one black one, one of the three gray striped ones and the two unique patterned ones. They all have names but I can’t remember any of them except Blackie (and guess which one that is) and Six.

Two Cats

Two cats, too

Three cats

I came in, bundled up and went to feed them and the babies. On the way, I found a place I shouldn’t step when it’s covered with snow. It’s a dip in the yard that was hidden. I slipped but I managed to keep my balance.

All six cats showed up for their supper. I braved the cold and went to the mailboxes the first time this week. Come to think of it, I haven’t even looked at any of the contents.

Twinkle didn’t pay any attention to the smell of other cats on me. I guess she’s used to it by now.

My cousin called and had been able to navigate the driveway at the house where she was working. The place is on top of a hill and the driveway is very narrow. She said it was still a thrill because the vehicle went sideways all the way down. The highway was okay. She was amazed at the number of cars that were off the road and in ditches. I’m not going anywhere until I have to and by that time, they will all probably be cleared away.

The board that Genese made is for Groundhog Day. She’s early. That isn’t until Sunday.

3 Responses to The Third Time Isn’t Charming

  1. Lila January 29, 2014 at 9:49 pm #

    But Sunday is a-comin’ soon!

  2. Mary Jane January 30, 2014 at 4:49 pm #

    It was 2 degrees when I got up this morning, but did get into the upper 30’s today. Helped melt some of the snow and ice.

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