It started this morning with flakes so fine it looked more like the air was moving instead of snow. Then they got larger and larger until they were fluffy and there was no mistake. It was snowing.

It’s snowed for hours and hours without letting up. I have no idea how much is out there. No doubt about it, there’s enough to have caused major problems.

My cousin called in the early afternoon. She was planning to come home later on. At that time, the ground was covered. I talked to DS1. I can’t ever keep his schedule straight any more. When he worked Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, it was easy for me to remember. At any rate, he was at home and he was concerned my DIL would have problems. They have a very long, steep driveway and he planned to clear the snow off so she could make it up to the house. I don’t know if he did but he posted on Google+ that she’d made it.

That’s better than a lot of people did. The highway I travel when I go to the Honda place was the scene of a 17 car pileup. Somewhere else, a school bus driver had lost control and the bus ended up on its side. Children elsewhere were being dropped off in central locations so their parents could pick them up.

My neighbor across the street posted on Facebook it took her two and a half hours to make the trip home that usually takes an hour. She was glad she didn’t wait. It might have taken four hours if she’d be able to navigate it at all.

I hadn’t heard any more from my cousin so I texted her and asked what her plans were. There was no response so I took off my sweat pants, put on a pair of long johns and put the pants back on. I figured my sandals might not be good footwear. I added a pair of running shoes. Bundling up with Mother’s scarf and The Hat, I pulled on my winter coat, snapped and zipped it and sallied forth.

The cats met me at the door and I would have made better time if one of them hadn’t insisted on leading me. I got into the house without any of them getting in and went to feed the babies. It was late enough in the afternoon that they were awake. The males weren’t stirring much so I was able to get the food into their cage with no problem. Not so with the females. They were running all over the cage and climbing up on the door. Just what I needed!

They have a bowl attached to the side of the cage so I took some of their treats and let them fall through the bars into said bowl. That distracted them long enough for me to give them their other food. I’ll have to remember not to wait so long.

I filled the container for the cats and went outside. Their pan was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t want to put the food on the deck in the snow so I went over to the garage where there are some metal shelves and put the food where it would be mostly out of the elements. The cats didn’t have a clue how to get to it. I’d never picked any of them up but I knew if one was up there eating, the rest would figure it out. Five of them were milling around my feet so I captured one and put it on the shelf. Sure enough, one by one, the others found ways to get there. I don’t know where Six was but I’m sure s/he isn’t going hungry.

It was getting toward dark when I came back in. I had to get a picture of my view from the front door.

At dusk

The high temperature today was 20. It’s 3 degrees now and will probably get lower than that. The valley has 13 degrees so that’s a 10 degree difference (I can cipher).

With my birthday coming up soon and my driver license expiring on that day, I decided to renew online—again. So here I sat in my living room with the snow coming down outside and I renewed my license. I elected to still have a photo on it (I’m old enough now I don’t have to) and so what if my picture was taken 15 years ago? It’s me.

My sister’s encouragement led Genese to set up another board today. I accused her of doing it so it would be skewed in her favor. She passed her first turn. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes not. We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out.

Cousin called and she’s marooned at the house where she’s been working. She’d watched a neighbor trying to get out of his driveway and on to the street. He shouldn’t have had any problem in his Hummer but he did. That convinced her to stay where she was. She’s warm with food, water and toilet paper. Twinkle and I are the same and, in this weather, who could ask for more?

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