It’s Already Over

It was nice while it lasted. My cousin called this morning (after I’d had a good night’s sleep in my Earthing bag). Only one person showed up to help install the heat pump. There was no way the two of them could put it in place. She said the thing weighs around 200 lubs. They did get it together but that was it. So…I’m back to the care and feeding of livestock.

I don’t mind doing it on days like today. According to my thermometer (which may be a bit on the high side), it got up to 55 degrees. Compared to the weather we’ve been having, it’s almost warm enough to break out the bikini. Of course, the low was 17.

Since my walk-in cooler only stays cool when the weather is the same, I took the remains of the rice casserole and put it in the freezer. I don’t need an episode of food poisoning.

In spite of all the warm air, the line to the septic tank is being obstinate and is still seized up as tight as a drum. I keep looking and hoping but if I do dare to try to flush, the water comes up to the rim (at least it doesn’t overflow) and then ever so slowly, it subsides. The carpet in my bathroom is wet so that may be where a lot of it is going. Now that I said that, I went in to check on the status of the plumbing and when I pushed the lever it went WHOOSH! That’s the first time in days it’s done it. Praise the Lord!!

And now I’m going to backtrack to Friday. DS1 called and told me he and his had planned to come here and surprise me on my birthday. Then they decided that instead I should pick a restaurant and they’ll take me out to eat. Slim pickins’ describes the good eateries around here except for the cafe. I tried calling but got no answer so I called the chef’s cell phone number and left a message. She called me back and we had a nice conversation, though a lot of my side was, “What was that?” “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand…”

Long story short, the cafe is closed for the winter. I asked for a recommendation and she gave me one for a Mexican restaurant at the north end of town. I’ve seen the building but had never thought about eating there. She gave it a glowing review and said that she was sure they could fix me something that is vegan. I looked up reviews online and none of them were any less than what she said. A food blogger from Chattanooga had eaten there and was impressed. All the reviews talked about the freshness of the food and how delicious it is.

The problem with a lot of Mexican restaurants is the beans. I called and spoke to someone at the restaurant and asked how they cook theirs and I was told with onions and vegetable oil. If their guacamole is as good as it’s said to be, I could make a meal of it. So, we’re all set. That’s where we’ll be on my birthday.

Now, back to Current Events. With the thaw underway, I figured it was a good time to go to town. I didn’t get everything on my list but I did come home with the important things. One I completely forgot (it wasn’t even on my list) was lettuce. I’m hoping my cousin can pick me up a head.

When I went to check out at Walmart, the dour cashier was waiting at the end of her lane. She motioned me over and I cheerfully asked if she were looking for a victim. It was lost on her. She shrugged and shook her head. As usual, I separated my regular purchases from the ones to price match. She’s a stickler for having proof of the matching. I was ready. I had an ad from the Shopper for my bananas (49 cents a lub), I’d printed the ad from UGO for the avocados (79 cents each) and the item description/price/ad date from Aldi for the mangoes (49 cents each). The ones from the Shopper and UGO met with her approval but she balked at the Aldi printout. She called a supervisor over. They’d take it this time, but in the future, they needed the whole page. Why, I don’t know. She took my word for it for the broccoli crowns ($1.29 a lub at Bi-Lo).

My blood pressure is back to normal. I need to pray for the woman. She tried to be nice after all that and I shouldn’t judge but it didn’t seem genuine. She may have problems at home. She appears to be older than I am and is working as a cashier at Walmart. Maybe that’s the explanation. At any rate, I should be ashamed of myself for thinking bad thoughts about another human being.

Between my price matching and coupons, I saved $12.86. Not a fortune but nothing to sneeze at, either. “My” produce guy was telling me about a woman who comes in with her folder of coupons and sometimes ends up getting paid for shopping. Now, THAT’S when the magnifying glass should come out!

The Computer Owner called when I got home and we talked for more than an hour and a half. She still can’t get online after having her computer thoroughly checked out by a bona fide computer expert. I told her she needs to get the phone company out there and tell them she wants credit for the month she hasn’t had access. Her only alternative is satellite and that’s notoriously expensive.

Well, DD was out with A BOY this afternoon and she put our phone call off until tomorrow. I’m glad she’s happy. She deserves to be.

I guess Genese’s situation hasn’t changed. I haven’t gotten any cheering from that quarter, anyway. It’s a shame she’s being put off the way she is.

Twinkle is consistently eating 3/4 can of food a day except for a few crumbs. I wish I could give her some of my excess poundage but that’s not possible.

It’s 38 degrees out there at present. Tomorrow is supposed to have a 20% chance rain and/or snow. Temperatures will be steady until it starts falling in the afternoon to a low of 8 to 11 in the valley. That could mean zero here. I’ll be so glad when this winter is history!

4 Responses to It’s Already Over

  1. Joanie January 26, 2014 at 10:22 pm #

    A bikini huh?? 😀

    • Tommie January 26, 2014 at 10:25 pm #

      Yeah. You could wear it. I didn’t say I would. 😛

  2. Mary Jane January 27, 2014 at 12:08 pm #

    Glad you found a Mexican restaurant that sounds good. If I were there I’d invite myself to go with you! Guess I’ll just have to make guacamole with my avocado, and make tortilla chips with my corn tortillas to go with it. Actually sounds pretty good!

    • Tommie January 27, 2014 at 12:26 pm #

      You wouldn’t have to invite yourself. If you were close enough, you’d already be invited! And do make your guac & chips!

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