A Reprieve

My cousin called yesterday morning and said they would be coming home so I wouldn’t nave to feed the cats and babies. I wasn’t relieved for only that reason. I’m tired of being the only human in this little corner of the world. I’ve missed my cousin and my CIL.

The reason they have been gone so long is because their pellet stove quit working. The part for it only costs around $30 but the stove has to be emptied and turned upside down to replace said part. That’s no easy feat. I have no idea how many strong bodies it would take to wrestle it into position. It’s cast iron and heavy.

So…my cousin had bought a heat pump many months ago and hadn’t found one of them round tuits. Since there’s supposed to be somewhat of a thaw, she decided she would seize the day and get ‘er done. Tomorrow is predicted to be warmer than today—and the high at my house was 39! Sad to say, it will be short-lived and go back into the single digits Monday night. I dread to see my electric/water bill. It will still be just $208 but the higher it actually is, the more I may have to pay at the end of the fiscal year.

I’ve been letting the water run for hours at a time. I’m not sure the meter is read on a regular basis, though. When my cousin and I went out to look at the meter a couple of months ago, the dial was caked with dirt. I’ve been charged for one to two thousand gallons of water consistently and then, all of a sudden, it jumped to five thousand last month. I’ll see what the next billing period brings.

During the phone call (the one in the first paragraph) I asked for a favor. I needed bananas. I stressed speckled if they could be found and yellow as possible if they couldn’t. When my cousin brought them over last night, they were almost glow-in-the-dark green. I wasn’t sure I’d live long enough to see them ripen. I put them on top of the fridge where it would be warmer than the rest of the house and they are almost yellow now! I may be able to have a banana for breakfast tomorrow.

She came in and we had a good visit. It was nice to talk to someone besides Twinkle.

I hadn’t washed my earthing bag so I took it off the bed and untucked the sheet it had been lying on. I had a bottom and top sheet underneath the bag so it was no biggie to ready the bed for occupation. I’ve been somewhat skeptical that the earthing bag really did anything to improve my sleep.

After I got all the preliminaries done—Twinkle fed, the vaporizer filled, etc., etc., I crawled into bed. The smooth sheets felt so good against my skin! I stretched out and prepared to go to sleep. I did but I’d wake often. I tossed and turned and felt like I’d been drug through a knot-hole when I got up. The earthing bag is in the washer and it will be back on my bed tonight.

Today was communion plus we were to have a fellowship meal after church. I’d gotten the containers of rice casserole out of the freezer yesterday in anticipation. This morning, I added some water, some more cashew gravy, croutons I’d made from gluten-free bread, peas and a crumb topping (also gluten-free bread). It nicely filled my 9″ square Corningware pan.

I got to church a bit early and played the organ until the pianist and choristers got there.

Things went as usual and I went out and took my casserole inside and put it in the oven during Sabbath School class. Somebody always turns it on low later but I wanted to be sure to have oven space. There were a couple of crockpots going—one with beans and the other with chili. It was smelling good in there.

During the announcement time, the elder said that the planned fellowship meal was being canceled. There was no heat in the building. Okay. So I’d just bring my casserole home, cover it and put it in the freezer for the regular meal.

The pianist had wanted the two of us to play a piano and organ duet and she’d picked a song I play, maybe, once a year if that. She was disappointed when I refused but I didn’t want to practice on the congregation. She picked another song for the congregation to sing.

After the preliminaries, I turned to the chosen song and the announcement was made from the pulpit that a trio was singing. Surprise, surprise! That was fine with me. I sat down and enjoyed.

We had the foot-washing and I paired with a friend. After the ladies had sung several songs a Capella, I went up and started playing the organ softly. The elders, deacon and deaconesses filed in and took their places.

After the blessing, I started playing “Break Thou the Bread of Life”. The deacon brought over a little cup of grape juice and put it on the organ. ?? I didn’t know what was going on. The communion bread comes first and then the grape juice. I play another song for the latter. Then, after I’d played the song over and over and over and over, an elder brought me the bread. By that time, I was thoroughly puzzled.

Church done, I’d gone to collect my casserole (sure enough, the oven had been turned on). The elder came and apologized profusely for not bringing me the communion bread sooner. I told him about my confusion and he said it was a spur of the moment thing to do it in tandem. There was only one deacon and, until he stepped in, the deacon was going to have to do it all. No harm done. It had just thrown me for a loop but I lived through it.

I looked for the Computer Owner but she’d already left. I talked to her yesterday and she was going to pick up her computer. I don’t know if she was able to get online or not.

My friend who’d brought the chili didn’t want to take it all home so I dug up some containers and she portioned it out. I took enough for a meal or two and it sure smelled good as I came up the mountain.

The plan to save the casserole took a left turn. I put it in the oven, finished heating it and some of it plus crisp-tender broccoli was the main part of my meal.

Twinkle and I have had a quiet afternoon. This morning, she heard something in the bedroom and tore in to investigate. I posted on Facebook, “Twinkle can still move!” My sister posted, “Were you afraid she couldn’t? Seriously.” I guess, under the circumstances, what I had written could be a little misleading.

Well, Genese continues to be displaced. She seems to be getting more and more anxious. This morning, she posted, “God is my refuge. He is the only thing keeping me sane right now and even with Him i find myself overwhelmed and weepy. No one can tell me when this nightmare will end.” I hope and pray it will be soon.

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  1. Lila January 25, 2014 at 9:22 pm #

    Poor Genese! Hope she can soon be back into her own quarters.

    • Tommie January 25, 2014 at 9:37 pm #

      I’m praying she will be. She’s in a miserable situation right now.

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