There’s Gold in These Here Hills

I’ve shaken the bottle. I’ve done everything but wring it out. I don’t possess any hard liquor or I would have used it. Not to drink, but to make more vanilla. My broad hints to DD have fallen on blind eyes. I’ve been without for ‘way too long.

I have some maple flavoring somewhere and was idly opening cupboard doors seeing if I could find it when lo! and behold! (And, as my sister would have said, “High and be dropped!”) there was a little bottle of pure vanilla extract that was about half full. It was old and the bottle was sticky but vanilla doesn’t spoil, does it? I scrubbed it up and there’s enough for a little while, at least.

Amazon sells vanilla so I sat down and ordered some. Thinking it was probably a bit overpriced, I sat down again and canceled the order. Surely what I found will do me until I can get to town.

My cousin called and said she’d be coming by with food for the cats and sugar babies. I asked her to bring me a couple of things, too, which she did. While she was here, she did all the feeding so I didn’t have to battle with the Feline Army!! It was nice to see a human face.

Genese is really having a time of it. She was all excited when she sent me a message earlier today. If everything went well, she would be back in her own room tomorrow. Then, in the next message, all of that had gone south. Because of weather and other issues, the housekeeping staff was sparse so what was supposed to get done wasn’t going to. She has been very emotional after all this time of being displaced. She has no control over what happens and I know it has to be frustrating. Her body may be disabled but her brain isn’t. If she’d lost her mind, that would be one thing but this is mental anguish.

It’s supposed to be a bit warmer tonight than last night. When I got up this morning, it was 2.8 degrees at my house. At present, it’s 18. The low in the valley is predicted to be 16 to 19. Currently, it’s 24 degrees. Six degrees “warmer” than here. If it gets down to 16 there, it could dip as low as 10 here. I don’t like this weather. I nabbed a picture on Facebook and put it on my Timeline. For those of you who won’t see it there, here it is.

This is me

This is me

I was looking at the sun coming in the dining room window when I discovered where Twinkle had been making deposits. I don’t know how long ago she did it, but there were four little nuggets on the floor. It wouldn’t do any good to reprimand her now so I won’t.

The other set of templates still isn’t updated but I’ve modified the index which is that much out of the way. Now, if I could just get my hands on a study guide…

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