It’s Late

I’ll try to make this brief, but, as you well know…I’m good at making a short story long.

Yesterday morning, there was a church business meeting. They are famous for being ‘way too lengthy so I didn’t hurry to get there on time. I figured I’d slip in, sit down and not be noticed. Not a chance. When I walked in, the pastor sang out, “And here’s another one! We need a chair!” His wife fetched one and put it down—right beside her at the head of the group. So much for not being noticed.

Sure enough, when the pastor started updating the group on the possibility of a new church (which was news to me), the discussion started. It is still in the idea stage but you would have thought it was a done deal. There were people fer it and agin it and people speaking up who don’t even have an oar in the water. One person said the reason attendance was so good was because of that very topic. I said I was there because I wasn’t sick.

After the topic had been wrung out up, down, and sideways, we were able to go on to other things that didn’t take quite as long. There was the matter of the music selections for the second song service. The only reason it’s easier for me is because I don’t have to listen for the numbers since I’m given them ahead of time.

My contribution was that the prayer requests (which are written on cards and handed to an elder) should be read before the prayer and then prayed for as a whole. The pray-er’s voice usually drops in volume when praying and I can’t hear what the requests are. The pastor figured that would be a good way to do it.

I wanted to give the Computer Owner some things I’d taken so I sat down in her chair. She said she needed to talk to me outside. Instead, I suggested we sit in my car. I don’t know how long we talked but it was after 1 when I got home.

There was a message from DD saying she would call me today since she was hanging out with a friend.

I had an email from an unfamiliar address but a couple of clues tipped me off that it might be someone I know. Sure enough, it turned out to be a woman who I’ve known for several years. In that length of time, I’ve been impressed with how careful she is to try to stay healthy. She was telling me that she has been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. She’d been to another doctor and was having more tests done. Understandably, she’s been very upset. Knowing she doesn’t believe in God has kind of limited me in what I could say to her but I’ve been praying for her, anyway. That went on, off and on, all night last night and all day today.

My sister figured working on the lessons kept me from posting (much) but just trying to sift through what the Computer Owner told me in addition to what was in the email left my mind in a whirl. I did put the BibleGateway links in the last mobile lesson of the quarter before I slept.

It was a beautiful day today and DD called as she had promised. She’d looked at a house that’s for sale east of Seattle. It was built the year my mother was born so it’s an older house, to say the least. The drawback is that it’s built on a flood plain. Because of that, it’s been raised up with a garage put underneath. The garage floor has drains with (I assume) rebar that allows any water that comes in to go out. The person she talked to said he’s seen 40″ of water in the garage. There’s a bedroom off the rear of the garage with a hanging bed (maybe that could be my room?) that can hold belongings to keep them in the dry. I think she’ll keep looking.

When I went over to feed the critters, I started coughing as soon as I went in the house. I may have to start wearing a mask.

I talked to my cousin a couple of times today. She’s hard at work, as usual.

Twinkle ate still more today. To see if she’d eat it, I put 5/8 can of food in her bowl last night. She hadn’t quite finished it when I got up but it was gone soon after. Her hip bones aren’t quite as prominent and her head doesn’t have that “skull with hair” look. She’s moving slowly. I told DD she might move faster if she had a mouse to chase. She said I could buy a bunch and let ’em loose but I’ll pass, thank you anyway.

Genese is back on the Wordscraper front. She’s started another game but I can’t, for the life of me, figure out the logic for the letter values. She still isn’t back into her own room. I understand one room was completed and the residents moved back. Surprise, surprise! One of the residents is the mother of someone on staff. Oh, well. Politics is everywhere. I just wish that didn’t figure into it.

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  1. Genese January 21, 2014 at 7:23 am #

    The values have no logic; I just assigned whatever popped up in my head as I moved through the alphabet.

    I thank God everyday that He has heard and answered our prayers to spare Twinkle. She has been the focus of my prayers for weeks.

    • Tommie January 21, 2014 at 9:41 am #

      Thanks, Genese. She’s very quiet this morning. Normally, when she gets on my lap, she’ll nudge my hand so I’ll pet her. Today, she climbed up and settled in for a nap. Strange. Her bowl still had a bit of food left in it, too. Maybe she overate yesterday and is feeling the effects today. I’ve been there, done that and will probably do it again.

  2. Lila January 21, 2014 at 8:19 am #

    So sorry to hear of your friend’s diagnosis! I’ll try to remember to pray for her – my list is long! Forgive me for laughing when I read where your chair had been placed for the business meeting. I laugh when it’s appropriate, and sometimes when it isn’t. Go figure!

    • Tommie January 21, 2014 at 9:55 am #

      My list is long, too, and it keeps getting longer. I used to have a document with all the people/requests but praying over that seemed a bit impersonal. Now, I pray for whoever I think of and I trust the Lord to remind me. Sometimes a name will come to mind that takes me completely by surprise.

      I wasn’t the only one who got the chair-right-in-the-front treatment. One of my friends came in even later and she was placed between me and the pastor’s wife. It was an equal opportunity space.

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