Three Days in a Row

It’s only half as many as I used to do but it’s three times as many as I usually do now. Twinkle had eaten a whole half can of food last night and made inroads on another 1/4. With her appetite coming back, I didn’t want to chance running out on the weekend. She’s down to five full cans which, a couple of weeks ago, would have done her for a long time but not so any more.

I called the Animal Hospital and asked if they had a case of the canned in stock. I usually have to order it but I lucked out this time. The woman put me on hold and went to look. When she came back, it was good news. Yes, there was a case in the storeroom. I told her I’d be down this afternoon to get it.

Busying myself with my normal routine, I got things done in pretty short order. I took a bath then gathered up a load of laundry and set it to start washing an hour later.

Dressed and ready to go, I made my way to the car. One of the cats (they aren’t kittens any more) started under the front. I pushed the button and made the horn honk. It turned and fled. Running over one of them is not something I need.

I made my way to the hospital. When I went in, the girl who’d snapped Twinkle’s picture was sitting in the office. She saw me and said, “I’m in trouble.” I said yes, she was. It had occurred to me that she might not know how to email a picture from her phone. That would be highly unlikely but entirely possible, too. I asked her if she was familiar with the process. Yes, she knew how but her email had been blocked and she was working on getting it going again. She must have a Yahoo account. Yes, she still has my address. The picture is still on her phone and not in my inbox.

I’d printed off a coupon for the food so it was “only” $50.06 instead of $57.06. We’ll see how long a total of 29 cans lasts.

There’s a supermarket on the way back that I never go to but I needed some mushrooms so I stopped. I was amazed at the lack of variety and the high prices. Thankfully, the ‘shrooms were on sale. I took a shortcut to the highway and got home a few minutes sooner than usual.

My roommate from academy had posted her senior picture for “Throwback Thursday” so I countered with mine. We got into a discussion over whose drape was more revealing. To settle it, I took the pictures and merged them into one with the two of us side by side.


I said mine wasn’t positioned as low as hers. Shari commented that my neck was longer (I never thought I had a long neck to begin with so I don’t know how it could be long-er) so it just looked like it was higher. Doesn’t really make any difference since this was back in the Dark Ages, anyhow.

Our hair was a topic of interest, too. She would use sugar water to roll hers. When it was dry (we both slept on rollers), it would take forever for her to tease it and spray it into submission. I probably put some kind of goop on mine but I don’t remember. Her hairspray was Just Wonderful and mine was Aqua Net. My hair was teased/ratted/backcombed, too. The name of my “do” was “double bubble”.

Amazon sent me a message apologizing for the mix-up with Bob Marley. I’m to keep, donate, or dispose of him however I see fit. If they ever send me something I didn’t order again, I hope I can use it, at least.

Genese must be down to playing a word once (or maybe twice) a week. It’s been three days since I played. It will probably suggest I nudge her soon. I won’t, though. She isn’t in a good place, figuratively and literally.

The editor probably thinks I’ve gone on strike. What with going and doing so much lately, I haven’t done anything on the lessons. I’ll get ‘er done, though. Just give me time.

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  1. Mary Jane January 17, 2014 at 4:08 pm #

    Glad another one of Twinkle’s 9 lives has kicked in!

    Wonder who was supposed to get Bob Marley. Not I, for sure–I guess I had heard the name before, but know naught about him.

    • Tommie January 18, 2014 at 8:39 pm #

      Me, too. That cat must’ve saved ’em up for now.

      No telling who was supposed to get him. I think he was the King of Reggae or something. Not really my cup o’ tea. I checked ebay and his record isn’t going for much. The condition of the cardboard sleeve would make this one worth next to nothing, probably.

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