Night before last, I was totally exhausted. Pooped. I might have been able to go another mile or two but I didn’t want to find out. I had to do my chores before I could turn in but I got them done and readied myself for a welcome stretch of time in bed.

Snuggling deep into my warm waterbed, I was right at the gates of the Land of Nod when the phone rang. It was the Computer Owner wanting me to tell her how to get into her Yahoo mail. In addition to that, she wanted to delete both of her Facebook accounts (she couldn’t get into the first so she created a second) and set up a third. I couldn’t walk her through anything without being at the computer, myself, so I told her I was in bed and we’d have to talk another time. Settling on Sunday, we hung up.

After a wakeful night (off and on after I went to sleep), I got out of bed and faced the day. Thankfully, the septic tank line had thawed and I could flush the commodes without flooding the place.

The lessons are still not complete so I worked on them some. I made a double batch of banana bread (bad idea) and cut down more on the sugar (an even worse idea). Besides that, I had bought two loaf pans and I’ve lost them both. I have NO CLUE where I put them. I remember stowing them somewhere out of sight when The Birthday Boy and his family were coming for the celebration. Anyway, what I ended up with was a square pan full and 12 muffins and they are dense and not sweet enough. Oh, well.

Last night, I was sleeping so well to the sound of rain. The wind must have started blowing hard because I dreamed there was a tornado headed my way. I wasn’t afraid. I was more interested than anything else. It seemed to be more or less stationary and eventually disappeared. Then there was a mighty clap of thunder. I remember when thunder and lightning was unheard of in January but times they are a’changin’.

This morning, I cut the heavy square banana bread in two, then sliced it to take to the fellowship meal. Wading out to the freezer, I took all the Stuff off the top and got out a bag of field peas to cook for the rest of my contribution. My sister takes enough to feed a family of eight a four course meal but that’s not me. Not today, anyway. And I really did have to wade. I don’t know how much rainfall there was here (WeatherBug says the valley got about an inch) but it was a lot.

I remembered my hearing aids and they helped tremendously in Sabbath School and church. It’s nice to be able to know what’s going on.

When the services were over, I made my way back to the fellowship hall (I can’t remember the official name for sure but I think it’s the Learning Center) and heated up my field peas and put half the banana bread on a platter. One of the ladies was telling me how much she missed me last Sabbath and hoped I was feeling much better. I was explaining it wasn’t me—it was Twinkle. We missed the blessing so when I picked through and found some things I could eat (besides what I took) I had my own.

Now, I’m sure people think I am vegan because I don’t want to eat animal products and that’s true but that’s only part of the reason. I feel better when I don’t eat/drink dairy or eat eggs. Today is a good example. I’d gone back for seconds on a delicious lentil dish and decided to try a creamy casserole as well. I took a scant spoonful and it was yummy. I didn’t take any more. That was all I ate. It might have amounted to a couple or three teaspoons. I don’t know what was in it but it tasted like mushroom soup. There may be vegan mushroom soup out there but all the mushroom soups I see in the stores around here are made with dairy of one sort or another.

A few minutes later, my chest started feeling tight and I began to cough more frequently. I gathered up my things and left. Driving home, I coughed constantly. It’s been hours and my chest is still tight. The coughing has slowed somewhat, thank goodness.

When I was growing up, I either had a cold, was getting a cold or was just getting over one. I wonder if it wasn’t really colds but a reaction to dairy. Whenever I’d get really sick, Mother would make me “some tuss”. That was her baked custard. It was milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla. It was scrumptious but terrible for someone who was ailing. If Mother had known then what I know now, my childhood might have been a much healthier one. Who’s to know?

Well, Twinkle has been off her meds for over a week now and she’s doing better. I saw another clump of hair on her chair so that’s not over yet. It may not be until she’s fully undressed but she still has a way to go. For the first time in months, she was outside my bedroom door meowing and she “begged” for food when she led me to the kitchen. I hope the next trip to the vet will be a long way off and then only to have her thyroid level checked. I’m envisioning a plumper cat with a nice fluffy coat.

Genese had to be moved out of her room because of burst pipes. I hope they’ll get the repairs done and put her back where she belongs soon. She has been incommunicado since yesterday and that’s not good.

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  1. Mary Jane January 11, 2014 at 8:56 pm #

    I had a really good laugh over your description of how much food yours truly takes to the potlucks. That’s only when it’s the team I’m on, and it was a good thing I did it today, as many of the team members were missing. Everything I took was devoured.

    Glad Twinkle is once again devouring her food! That should perk her up.

    • Tommie January 11, 2014 at 10:04 pm #

      I am amazed when I ready what you take. I’d try to list everything you wrote about yesterday but my mind is too boggled.

      The Twinkle isn’t quite to the tearing around the house stage yet but she’ll get there if she keeps eating.

  2. Lila January 11, 2014 at 9:27 pm #

    Good news about Twinkle, good news about the pipes all being thawed. Hope you find those bread pans one of these days!

    • Tommie January 11, 2014 at 10:06 pm #

      Yes, and yes! The pans are a bit bigger than I’d like to have but that was the size that was available. I’ll look some more tomorrow.

  3. Joanie January 12, 2014 at 12:00 pm #

    When I was growing up, and got sick, my mother would fix hot peaches on toast, it was great!

    • Tommie January 12, 2014 at 8:39 pm #

      Sounds much more nutritious than what I got. Mother meant well and I appreciate that but milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla couldn’t be good for a sick person. 😕

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