Day 4, Success!

The Cavalry rode in, I thought, a bit later than planned. However, he had been working on things before he rang the doorbell. Once again, he needed me to plug in the drop cord. He put the light in the water meter and left it there for, probably, most of an hour. During that time, he came in and made some phone calls using my phone since (surprise!) he couldn’t get a signal here on his cell phone. We visited a little and then he went back out to check on the meter. He reported back that, while the air inside the enclosure was warm, the meter was still cold.

Next thing I knew, he’d left. I hadn’t had anything to eat yet so I had some soup and a couple of cornbread waffles (bad choice) (more about that later).

When he got back, he said that he was going to replace the pipe under the house. That was the only other thing he figured might work. He did and it did! When the water started running into the sink, I started singing the Doxology. I looked out the window and he was at the truck and wasn’t hearing me praise God. I went out on the deck and, risking embarrassing him in front of the neighbors, I sang it all the way through as loudly as I could. He looked a little unsure of the future and kind of grinned.

The reason for no water—the full length of pipe from where it goes under the house all the way to the back was frozen solid. He had some pipe insulation he planned to put on it. There was enough to go the length except for maybe six feet. He’ll get that later and put it on.

I told him to check in before he left. I’d bagged up some grapefruit for him to take home. When I’d listed it as a source of liquid, I hadn’t taken into account how very messy it can be so I was getting behind on eating/drinking them.

He came to the door and I told him we needed to settle up. He said, “No, we don’t.” ?? He had another idea. He has the beginnings of a web site and he wants me to help him with it since I “have time”. I told him to come in and we sat down to talk. He agreed to send me the link to it tonight so I could take a look. He did and what he has there looks good but it needs more content. That’s where I come in.

After we got through discussing it, he took his grapefruit, got the drop cord and put the screen back in the window.

I flushed the commodes and cleaned them and, in the process, found the line to the septic tank is frozen. The floor in Twinkle’s bathroom got partially flooded. Oh, woe!

I’d been bugging the clinic people and the pharmacy at Walmart about my thyroid med. The umpteenth time I called Walmart, the girl said she would check with the pharmacist to see if he’d give me an emergency supply. She came back and said he’d dispense three day’s worth. That would do me through Sunday. Somewhat of a relief, anyway. I emailed my doctor about the authorization and he emailed back, “I signed it already today, I promise!!!!” I asked, “Has it been faxed?” I figured not.

Hurrying, I took a bath (!) and got dressed to go to town. It was along toward 3 when I left. I should have checked with the pharmacy first thing but I thought I would give them time to, hopefully, get the authorization and fill the prescription.

Being as efficient as I knew how to be, I broke my list down into zones and did my shopping. I tried to take the areas as they came and not have to do any backtracking. I still had my fresh produce and frozen stuff to get when I went to the pharmacy the first time. There was a long line so I went back and got the fresh stuff. Imagine how pleased I was to get back to the pharmacy and there was no line at all! (It doesn’t take a lot to please me.)

I went to the counter and the girl took my name and date of birth. They had the authorization but the prescription wasn’t ready yet. Did I have any more shopping to do? I didn’t want frozen stuff melting in my cart so I told her I was essentially through. She moved my prescription up in the queue and said it shouldn’t be long.

Standing off to the side of the counter, I didn’t think it would be more than a few minutes. Time started ticking by and she checked again. No, it still wasn’t ready. I went to the blood pressure station and sat down. There were more comfortable seats but that one was right in front of the counter and I wasn’t going to be out of their sight.

Another of the clerks called me up. Finally! She took my name and date of birth and said, “No, it isn’t ready. It will be a few more minutes.” That went on for most of an hour. When I thought I was going to fall out in the floor, the first girl held up a bag and indicated it was mine. She scanned it and I took it to check out with the rest of my things. Setting out for the frozen food section, I stopped and thanked the pharmacist for his willingness to give me a three day supply of meds. I know it’s customary with a prescription of that kind but I still appreciated it.

The lights were on in the parking lot when I left the store. It wasn’t dark but it was getting close.

I made my way home while having the first coughing fit in a long time. I think it was the cornbread that did it. I have a mild allergy to corn and one piece would have probably been okay but two pushed me over the line. I was glad to get to my humble abode and to have water! I unloaded, put away and it was after 7 before I could even think about food. I’d put a load of clothes in the washer and set it to come on in three hours. It was unbelievable I hadn’t been gone that long. I went ahead and started it manually. My meal was noodle soup and dry toast.

And now for my list. I haven’t done everything yet but here’s how it looks:

  1. Praise the Lord!
  2. (ongoing)

  3. Thank (and reward) any person(s) responsible
  4. (ongoing)

  5. Flush the commodes
  6. Change Twinkle’s water
  7. Brush my teeth without carrying water with me
  8. Take a long hot bath
  9. Run the distiller
  10. Do laundry
  11. Run the dishwasher
  12. Clean the vaporizer
  13. Fill the vaporizer
  14. Fix something to eat that makes a mess
  15. Clean up said mess (with water!!)
  16. Wash my hands whenever I want even if they don’t need it
  17. Take another bath if I feel like it

The rest of the list will get done in due time. My bath was enjoyable but too short to qualify. And I won’t be taking another one tonight. I’ll have to clean the distiller before I go to bed and I forgot to brush my teeth before I went to town.

Twinkle’s appetite seems to be coming back. Last night, I’d given her 1/4 can of food and it was gone when I got up. I’ve put food in her bowl several times today. I hope she can gain some weight. She’s painfully thin, unlike her human.

4 Responses to Day 4, Success!

  1. Mary Jane January 10, 2014 at 7:43 am #

    Glad for all the good news (sorry about the flooded bathroom floor) and that you’re back in business. Hope the insulation will prevent freezing pipes when we have another deep freeze–and no doubt we will, sooner or later.

    Also glad that Twinkle has been eating!

    • Tommie January 10, 2014 at 8:45 am #

      I certainly hope so, too. Between that and keeping the water running, it should be okay.

      Twinkle’s bowl was empty again this morning. She ate a bit more after I put another hunk o’ meat in it.

  2. Lila January 10, 2014 at 8:18 am #

    What will it take to get the commodes working again? So glad you do have water, and extremely glad Twinkle is doing better!

    • Tommie January 10, 2014 at 8:47 am #

      I put some Rid-X down one of the commodes to help warm things up. I didn’t try flushing again until this morning and everything is flowing the way it should. I’ll be able to eat fruit since I have water to clean up the mess!! Thank you for your extreme gladness! The Queen of All She Surveys is sleeping on her chair.

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