A Valiant Effort

The house was cold when I got up. The temperature had gotten down to -4 degrees F at a little after 6 o’clock. It was a settled fact I was going to face another day without water.

A few minutes after 10, I had a private message from one of my friends from church. She said her husband wanted to help me with my water problem. When would it be a good time for him to come over? I told her any time would be fine.

The phone rang and it was my cousin checking on me. I’d thought she was going about her usual routine every day but not so. She’s had a terrible cold and hadn’t left the house (except to go to the mailbox) for the last two days. I offered to take her some soup but she ordered me to stay in the house. There was ice everywhere.

Early afternoon, the cavalry rode in equipped with frozen pipes thawing paraphernalia. First, he had a 300 watt light that he’d put under the house at the trouble spot while he went to town for supplies. The drop cord had to be put through my bedroom window because it seems the outlet at the back of the house is on the same circuit as the outlets in the bathrooms. I stopped as much cold air as I could with a thick towel.

Presently, he was back with fuel for one of those industrial-type heaters. The light was swapped for the heater. He was under the house for a long time trying different things to get the water running.

Braving the cold, I bundled up and went to the mailbox for the first time in days. It really WAS icy but I was careful.

The Rescuer had on what looked like Carhartt insulated coveralls, a fur-lined cap, heavy gloves and work boots. Even so, I knew he had to be cold so I prevailed upon him to come inside for a cup of hot chocolate. I put a couple of Dandies marshmallows into it, not realizing they’d sugared down.

I fixed a cup for myself and we sat in the living room and talked. He caught me up on the goings-on at church and after. He and his wife had met one of my friends I’d worked with at the hospital ‘way back in the late 80’s, maybe early 90’s. He kept trying to pinpoint the problem with the water. I knew the insulation didn’t extend the whole way because of the pipe being so low to the ground but I didn’t realize it wasn’t fitting the way it should.

When he’d warmed up, he went back out. The heater was still running under the house which meant I couldn’t have the heater on in my bathroom. Having both on at the same time had already caused the breaker to trip. I didn’t know he’d left until I looked out and the truck was gone.

Messaging my friend, I asked if he’d be coming back to turn it off. Yes, he was on his way. It was dark when he got here but after I unplugged the cord and passed it to him through the window, he replaced the screen. He told me he’d check tomorrow to see if I have water. He has alternate plans if I don’t. I told him I’d settle up with him then. He objected and said that he wasn’t doing anything today, anyway, and I didn’t owe him. I’m sure if he had his choices, he’d choose to crawl around under my house. I told him I felt worse for him than I did for me that what he did didn’t work.

Twinkle has been nice today. She was even curious about the man in the coveralls and thoroughly smelled his boots. She’s been eating and is moving around more quickly. I even warmed her food for her this afternoon. She pulled another hunk of hair from somewhere on her skinny body. I heard her going, “Pffffffft, pffffffft, pffffffffft!” and saw she was trying to spit it out. I just hope she keeps eating. She’d quit grooming herself for a while but now she’s back at it.

I tried off and on today to get through to the clinic. I’m down to two doses of my thyroid med. When I called, I got the answering service. The staff would be in at 8:30. I called again. They’d be in at 10. I called again. They wouldn’t be in at all today, due to the weather. They’ll open at 10 tomorrow. I just hope I can get a new prescription with refills before Friday.

Seems I’m not the only one with water problems. Genese posted,

pray for our staff as they deal with broken water pipes. all the residents are safe and content. our Nurses and aides along with the administration quickly moved affected residents to other areas. i am in the dining room and was able to listen to a Bible study along with several others.

Later, she posted,

i have been moved to another room until they fix the pipes. this will be an adventure. mever a dull moment here

I guess she hasn’t seen what I did on one of the games. She was ahead and I played a 77,000+ word. Guess who’s in the lead now?

Promises tend to get me in trouble sometimes. I promised the editor I would take care of Lesson 7, both versions and the helps for the same before I go to bed so I’d better get to it.

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