I Could Be Stressed

but I’ll try to choose to feel blessed, instead. Before I went to bed last night, I left the water running at a pretty good clip—I thought. Not so. When I got up this morning, there were a few drops in the sink but it had stopped. Still water freezes pretty quickly when the temperature is 7 degrees F.

I did have the presence of mind to top off my extra jug with distilled water and fill the distiller so it would run while I was asleep. That gave me a couple of gallons of drinking water, at least. I unplugged the vaporizer in my bedroom so I can run it tonight. There’s snow but it isn’t deep enough to fill any containers.

Deep Freeze

Winter has hit.

One of my Facebook friends (my former roommate from academy) asked if I had any other liquids that would do in a pinch if/when I ran out of water. I started listing what I have:

  1. Almond milk
  2. Sparkling juice
  3. Coconut water
  4. Grapefruit
  5. Oranges

I don’t have water to wash with or (I thought) water to fill Twinkle’s bowls (she now has two). I’m using one of Twinkle’s Kitty Wipes to “wash” my hands, storing it in a sandwich bag to keep it from drying out. When I got dressed, I used it under my arms to stave off the stink. I read on the package, “deodorizing & conditioning plus allergy and shed relief – leaves coat silky soft”. Just what I needed.

The doorbell rang and by the time I got there, the UPS man was walking back up the driveway. I called to him and said he was brave to be out in this weather. He turned around, came back and handed me a couple of light boxes, then slid the heavier one (a case of coconut water!) inside. I was so glad I didn’t have to go out and struggle in with them.

Later, I was at the kitchen sink and something caught my eye. The faucet was dripping! I’d left it open to ease the pressure on the pipes. I got excited and went in and turned on the faucet in the bathtub hoping to catch enough water to flush the commode. Didn’t happen. I guess having both faucets open slowed it down until it quit. I should have left it as it was.

It did give me an idea, though. I took the top off the commode tank in Twinkle’s bathroom. The way it’s set up, there was no way to dip the water out. Besides, it was evidently leaking because the level was very low. I went to the one in my bathroom and it was full. I got the pitcher I use to fill the distiller and a ladle and dipped out almost a half gallon. That would do for Twinkle to drink. She tends to get cat hair and food in her bowls and the water has to be dumped a lot.

DS1 called this afternoon and was all excited over the gift DD had sent him. It was a collection of his favorite brand of coffee. He even took a picture of it and sent it to me.

Peet's Coffee

Twinkle has been on my lap a lot of today. When I had to wake her so I could get up once, I was following her into the kitchen. She turned around, looked at me and hissed. She hasn’t eaten much today. Her hip bones are sticking out like miniature hat racks. I don’t know what to do with her. Once, my mother was despairing of my ever being obedient when I was probably three years old and she cried, “What on earth am I going to do with you?” I said, “Keep me and love me.” I guess that’s what I’ll do with Twinkle until her dying day.

It may well be zero or below out there. It said .7 on my thermometer the last time I looked but the sensor is on the end of the house. That could skew the reading some. At any rate, it’s cold, people. I had a cup of hot chocolate with Sweet & Sara marshmallows. It’s that kind of weather.

I had to give in and close the storm window over the kitchen sink. I’m that glad the Press’n Seal is keeping the frigid air from coming into the house. All told, we are supposed to have 60 hours of below freezing temps. I’m so ready for spring.

Genese is slaughtering me at Wordscraper. I guess she figures it’s her turn to win.

4 Responses to I Could Be Stressed

  1. Mary Jane January 7, 2014 at 5:18 pm #

    Good thing you had some water and other liquids on hand when the pipes froze! There are some power outages in my neck of the woods. I’m very thankful mine is OK, and I hope others will be soon.

    Never heard of those marshmallows. Tell me more.

    • Tommie January 7, 2014 at 9:18 pm #

      The marshmallows are vegan. The web site is here.

  2. Mary Jane January 8, 2014 at 8:34 pm #

    I made marshmallows once, long ago. It was quite a process, but turned out just like the ones that can be bought. Still have a couple of recipes. I used plain vegetarian (or vegan)gelatin.

    • Tommie January 8, 2014 at 9:13 pm #

      If it was Emes, I read it turned out not to be vegetarian OR vegan. 😛

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