She’s Back!!

What a difference a day makes! Twenty-four little hours…Sounds like a song, doesn’t it? It didn’t even take a day. I went to bed not knowing what I’d find when I got up. When I got up, things were totally different.

Twinkle was back under the couch when I turned in for the night. The untouched food from the night before was flushed down the toilet. I put fresh food in one bowl and fresh water in the other. Thinking she might be more encouraged to eat, I moved her food from the bathtub to the kitchen. After I took some cough medicine and a good shot of melatonin, I closed my door and hoped for the best.

Thanks to the melatonin, I slept pretty well. When I’d wake to go to the bathroom, I’d pray for Twinkle. On purpose, I wouldn’t look at the clock. I learned long ago that, if I want to go back to sleep, I should keep all the light possible out of my eyes.

The skies were as cloudy this morning as they had been clear yesterday. I woke at 7 and dreaded getting up. I prayed for Twinkle (in addition to all the other animals and people I always pray for) and opened the bedroom door.

Miracle of miracles! There was Twinkle on her chair. I went over to her and petted her. She didn’t protest at all. I was so thankful!

I went to the kitchen and she had eaten most of the 1/4 can of food I’d put out for her. Going into the bathroom, I saw that she had pooped in her cat box for the first time in over two weeks. When I sat down and patted my lap (the signal that she can occupy it), she looked but wasn’t especially enthused.

A little later, I was having my quiet time and there she was, looking at me longingly. I moved my arm so she could jump up and she was on my lap. She stayed there until I had to get up.

The pastor called and asked me to email a postponement of an activity because of incoming bad weather. I took care of that as well as posting it on my Facebook group.

I’ve worked on the lessons today, putting in some of the mission stories that come at the end of each one. One of the staff emailed me about a date error that was easily corrected. The editor and I emailed back and forth to get another issue resolved.

This evening, I was going to call my cousin and when I dialed the number, I got “Error 3002”. I was aggravated. I unplugged the ‘jack from the router and plugged it into my netbook. It did its thing and I plugged it back into the router without changing it from headset to telephone. It didn’t work. I plugged it back into my netbook and when the dialpad came up, I changed it to telephone. Sure enough, it worked when I plugged it into the router that time. There has to be something wrong somewhere. I wonder if DD tried to call and couldn’t get through?

My cousin had seen my posts on Facebook so she already knew that Twinkle was being, as my mother would have said, “biddable”.

The temperature outside is still in the 40s but it’s started raining. It’s supposed to start snowing after midnight and be in the mid to upper teens. A bit more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow then we’ll be in the deep freeze tomorrow night if the weather guessers are right. Not my cup o’ tea.

I’m dodging Twinkle while I type this. It’s nice to have my lap-warmer back even if it does make working on the computer a challenge.

The vaporizer is still to clean and refill and I’m getting sleepy. Twinkle’s food bowl has been cleaned out (she ate almost another 1/4 can of that stinky stuff) and another 1/4 can put in it. This cat must be kin to the Energizer Bunny. She doesn’t stop. Who said cats only have nine lives?

4 Responses to She’s Back!!

  1. Lila January 6, 2014 at 7:45 am #

    So glad Twinkle is back!

  2. Mary Jane January 6, 2014 at 7:51 am #

    Good news about Twinkle! Years ago we took in a stray kitten that was sitting on our doorstep in the snow. We had only had her a couple of weeks when she was hit by a car and I think had a broken jaw. We took her to the vet and learned that she would have to have an expensive operation. We felt we couldn’t do that, but the vet said he really believed cats have 9 lives, to take her home and give her soft food. We did, and she was soon chomping down regular cat food with no problem.
    Maybe Twinkle has a few more lives to go.

    • Tommie January 6, 2014 at 9:31 am #

      I would have declared she’d used nine of them long ago but maybe not. At least she won’t be getting in the road. That cuts down considerably on the danger aspect.

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