Writer’s Block

I’m having a hard time getting started on this post. It isn’t that I don’t know what to write about. I really don’t know what it is. Reluctance to face facts? Too emotional? All sorts of mixed feelings? Here goes…

I think it all started yesterday. I can’t be sure but that’s my conclusion. I’d done laundry, my cousin came by, I cooked a little, cleaned a little, changed the bed, the usual. I’d duked it out with a couple of MagicJack reps trying to get some satisfaction about the problem with the ‘jack reverting to headset. It was getting on toward Sabbath so I had to abandon that for another time when I had more hours in the day.

When my cousin was here, Twinkle went back and forth from one of us to the other, wanting to be petted. She couldn’t decide where she wanted to stay. Later, after Cousin had left, I found a big clump of hair on Twinkle’s chair and it looked like skin was still attached. Not a good sign.

She still wasn’t eating much and hadn’t pooped for over two weeks. That wasn’t good, either. I gave up and put a tiny bit of dry food in her bowl. Maybe that would be more appealing to her and, hopefully, get things moving. I think it caused problems before but I was running out of ideas. She seemed more interested in eating than she had for a long time. I was encouraged. I left the half dozen or so tidbits of dry food in her bowl, cleaned out her canned food bowl and put a chunk of food in it so she’d have plenty to eat in the night if she got hungry.

Twinkle was on her chair when I went to bed and I thought everything was as normal as it has been lately.

When I get up in the morning, Twinkle is usually stationed outside my door. I expected to see her there when I walked out into the living room. She wasn’t on her chair. I looked around in all her favorite places but she was nowhere to be seen.

I got a flashlight and looked under the love seat. She wasn’t there. When I shone it under the couch, I heard a noise. It was a low growl. Going to the farthest end from my chair, I leaned on the couch with one hand and got down to look underneath. That’s when the growl turned into hissing and screeching. I lifted the skirt on the bottom of the couch and looked underneath. She was up inside the fabric liner or whatever you call it. I couldn’t be sure she could get out.

Calling my cousin, she agreed to come over as soon as she could get dressed. A few minutes later, she was at the door.

She lifted the end of the couch while Twinkle hissed and screamed in protest. Grabbing a thick book, she propped it up. Holding it up higher, she slid another in place.

Now that she could see better, she said Twinkle wasn’t caught. She just wouldn’t come out. The fact that Twinkle still has teeth and back claws discouraged her from dragging her into the open. She had to go somewhere but she’d be back later with heavy gloves if I wanted her to force Twinkle from her lair. I got a bowl of water and set it down where she could see it but she still wouldn’t come out.

Before she left, my cousin came back to check on the two of us. I’d glanced over at the vacant chair and notice for the first time that Twinkle had upchucked most, if not all, the dry food. I took the shirt off the heating pad that I’d used to insulate her from too much heat and went into the bathroom to clean the mess off when the doorbell rang. I showed it to her (pleasant). When I started getting emotional, she hugged me.

I’d already called and talked to the pianist’s husband and told him I wouldn’t be at church. I kept praying that Twinkle would come out of her own accord so I could take her to the vet. The Animal Hospital is open until noon on Sabbath and I kept watching the clock. At 11:45, she was still under the couch and it was too late to hope any more.

Every time I’d walk by, she would hiss and scream. Before, if I ignored her, she’d eventually get over her spell and come jump on my lap. Not today.

Late this afternoon, my cousin got home and came over to see if there’d been any change. Everything was as it was when she’d left. When she mentioned getting Twinkle out, I said there’d be no use. The vet won’t be in before Monday.

What concerns me more than anything else right now (besides Twinkle’s misery) is that some rough weather is predicted to move in. Here’s what was posted on Facebook by one of the TV stations.

The winter storm and arctic blast is still expected to move in to the area tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that highs will be near tomorrow 50 as the rain moves in. Around 10pm the arctic blast arrives and sends temperatures plummeting. As the rain changes to snow, up to 2″ is possible in isolated areas with 0.5″-1″ being more realistic for most everyone.

Behind the moisture: much, MUCH colder air arrives. Monday afternoon highs will struggle to get out of the teens with wind chills in the single digits all afternoon long. The coldest night in a decade will be Monday night into Tuesday morning. Temperatures will be in the lower single digits (0-5) for the valleys and below zero (-1 to -5) for the mountaintops.

The wind will continue to make it feel even colder Tuesday morning with wind chill values of -5 to -20. If you must be out, protect your skin. Frostbite will be possible after only 15 minutes.

After more than 60 hours below freezing, look for temperatures to rebound to the lower 40s Wednesday afternoon.

Beside the cold, the demands on power will be high and who knows if I’ll have heat during the peak demand? I’m not trying to borrow trouble but if I have to go to my cousin’s place to keep warm, what will I do with Twinkle?

And, speaking of Twinkle (which I have been all along) she just came out from under the couch and went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Maybe she’s feeling better. I can hope.

To other things—my cousin went to the mailbox for me yesterday (I’m so spoiled!) and the power/water bill had come. It was about $100 more on the power and five times as much for water. I can understand the increase on the electricity. I’d used less the month before but I’d been cold a lot. This time, I’ve been warm plus DD was here for a week and her room was heated, too. But the water?? Surely her showers and a couple of loads of her laundry didn’t take that much. There has to be a leak somewhere.

Twinkle is roaming the house now. From the kitchen, she went into my bedroom. Then she went back to the kitchen. I have yet to figure her out but I hope her innards have settled down and she can be a calm cat again.

I spoke too soon. She spied me, hissed, growled and went back under the couch. I’ll throw away the untouched food from last night and put fresh in her bowl. After that, I’m going to bed.

2 Responses to Writer’s Block

  1. Mary Jane January 5, 2014 at 12:02 pm #

    Poor Twinkle and poor you! Too bad she can’t understand that you want to help her.

    I’m also dreading the next actic onslaught. I’ll add to the birdfeeders today, even though they still have a lot in them, so I won’t be faced with it when the temperature plunges and the cold winds blow again!

    My electricity bill is sky high, and my water bill usually is, too, but it hasn’t come yet. Regardless of that, I’m thankful to have electricity, indoor plumbing, and hot and cold running water! (And many other blessings that we enjoy that would be luxury beyond belief to millions of people.)

    • Tommie January 5, 2014 at 9:21 pm #

      I really do think Twinkle was hurting and didn’t want to be bothered.

      My electric bill and water bill come from the same place so I’m hit with both at once.

      We are very fortunate to live the way we do. I’m not rich by any means but I’m far better off than a lot of the world’s population.

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