Happy New Year Birthday!

Forty-seven years ago, I delivered a six lub four ozzie baby boy. For the first time in many years, we had some time together on his birthday. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The cake did look pitiful but I went ahead and whipped up some frosting to go on it. I used a whole little tub of Daiya cream cheese plus a lot of a sample bottle of blond agave nectar, the juice of less than half a lemon and some zest. It tasted pretty good, if I must say so myself. It made a pretty good layer on the cake. I covered it and set it aside.

I’d done a lot of preparation yesterday meal-wise, so before I took my bath, I (as Mother would have said) waltzed the vacuum cleaner over the high traffic areas. Twinkle still hasn’t pooped. It’s been over a week but she flings litter far and wide when she’s covering up her pee. I took my brush and dustpan and swept the bathroom floor. The house wasn’t perfect but it was better than several weeks ago. It would have to do.

Genese managed to get some boards up for the New Year. She’s already ahead of me but these games have just begun.


1-1-14 Fireworks

My bath was so relaxing. It was a beautiful sky that was visible from my vantage point in the tub. I lay there and admired it. All good things have to come to an end, though.

I tried to call my DIL to find out what temp she needed on the oven. I got voice mail. Figuring most things require 350 degrees F, I turned it on. My cousin called and when I told her I couldn’t get through to my DIL’s cell phone, she suggested they were probably in a dead spot. That turned out to be the case.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang and there was my family! There were hugs all around and unpacking of food. My DIL had brought stuff for salad, too.

I’d guessed right on the oven temperature and after she put her dish in, I washed three sweet potatoes (one of DS2’s favorite foods) and slid them in beside it.

The girls logged onto my WiFi and busied themselves with an iPad and an iPad mini. My DIL was trying to figure something out and had me looking at it. I told her I didn’t have a clue, that I don’t have an iPad. DS2 feigned shock. He said he thought it was against the law not to have one. Well, I don’t and a tablet is ‘way down on my list of priorities. Now…if someone wanted to buy me one, I’d like an ASUS Transformer.

An hour and a half later, the meal was ready. The women (my DIL and 12 year old granddaughter) wouldn’t eat the sweet potatoes, blackeye peas or kale but DS2 and I enjoyed them.

When it was time for cake, DS2 did the honors and cut it. Actually, the cake turned out good but when my DIL tasted the frosting, her eyes popped wide open. The lemon had grown! It’s still pretty tasty but it’s tart! I offered coconut ice cream but no one would take me up on it. That’s okay. More for me.

My cousin called then came over for a visit. Twinkle was in cat heaven with so many people paying attention to her. DS2 asked how old she is and when I said 16, he agreed that’s pretty old. I told him that works out to about 80 in human years. It’s looking younger to me all the time.

After she left, my family cleared the table and stacked the dishes in the kitchen. My DIL kept saying she could help me clean up but DS2 wanted to go visit his granny’s grave while it was still daylight. Before she walked out the door, though, she had some questions about my dishwasher. Did I have to rinse the dishes before I put them in? No, and it gets them CLEAN. I even put mixing bowls with stuff left on them and it ground it all up and spit it down the drain. Her dishwasher quit several weeks ago so she’s definitely in the market for one.

I started in on the mess as soon as the door was closed. It was a bigger one than when DS1 and his were here but still doable. When I got the dishwasher loaded, I could have put in another dish or two but I went ahead and started it. That was load #2 it did today.

My cousin had told me she needed to talk to me so I called her. Turns out I couldn’t help her a whole lot but I tried.

I posted a prayer request on my church group page on Facebook and sent out the same info via email. Twinkle got some lap time and wasn’t happy when I gave her almost the last dose of laxative. I’m wondering if the canned food is low residue.

It’s getting on toward my bedtime. Tomorrow, I have to hit the lessons in earnest. I did get mobile #3 done and uploaded. Just 10 to go. And then it’s on to the second quarter. Yippee.

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  1. Lila January 1, 2014 at 9:26 pm #

    So glad your day was enjoyable! What kind of cake did you make? Just curious. Hope Twinkle is soon able to use the litter box for serious business.

    • Tommie January 2, 2014 at 9:57 pm #

      It was the carrot cake I talked about here.

      I’ve thoroughly cleaned Twinkle’s box and she’s used it but still hasn’t pooped.

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