A Truly Stupendous Decision

It’s the best one I’ve made for a very long time. To be honest, I had to think long and hard about it but once I made up my mind and put it into practice, I was relieved. It was hurry up and wait for a while but now it’s a part of my life and I’m so thankful.

I’d forgotten how handy it is to have a dishwasher that works. I don’t mean one of those that require you to do the dishes before you do the dishes. This one takes the most yucky plates and bowls and cleans them “right down to the shine”. Unless they are going to be in there two or three days and mold could grow, I don’t even rinse them.

Did I forget to say I prayed about which one to get, too? I did, and when the one I’d been looking at sold, the one I ended up with was waiting in the wings. I believe it was Providential. This one has features I wanted the other one didn’t and at a fraction of the price. Then it was my cousin that facilitated having it picked up and installed and by a real live plumber, no less. An amazing string of events!

Right at this moment, it’s scrubbing away the mess of my making banana nut muffins. I can dirty up more containers and utensils than ‘most anyone. Maybe I could have fitted in another dirty dish but I’ll need to repeat the process tomorrow and maybe more than once. When I look in the mirror, I see a happy camper.

Tomorrow, I’ll know if the mistake of leaving out the vanilla has ruined them. It was too late to try one tonight but they’re always better the next day. My vanilla supply is getting more and more scant.

My Christmas present to my granddaughter was a cookbook from her wish list on Amazon. On the 27th, she posted on Facebook that it had come in the mail and thanked me for it. I checked tracking and it said it was delivered by UPS and left at the front door on the 26th. When I posted that, she said it was in the grass by the mailbox and the box was wet, though the book was okay. I asked her if she knew their front door was by the mailbox. Their house is several hundred feet from the road.

This morning, I contacted Amazon and let them know what happened. I got an apology, $20 added to my account and my Amazon Prime extended by a month. Since my Prime account is as a guest of DD, she gets an additional month, too, as well as any of her other guests. Not bad.

Twinkle is missing her lap time now that I’ve moved the computer. This morning, I was having my devotions when I felt a tugging on my sleeve. My arm was in the way of her jumping on my lap. I let her tug some more just to see her do it. Then I let her jump up where I could give her a good petting.

It was a cloudy day but I didn’t seen any rain. I wasn’t anxious to go grocery shopping but I needed to. First, I stopped at the post office and bought a money order for my friend in prison and some forever stamps. I use so few stamps, I can’t see getting ones I’ll have to supplement when the rates go up again—which is less than a month away. Three cents is a pretty big jump.

The organic cucumbers I’d bought for the Christmas Feast weren’t good so I returned them and got my money back. Even with a list, I ended up not getting everything I’d written down. Walking through Walmart, I heard my name being called. It was the produce manager. There was a box of persimmons in the storeroom that I could have. I told him his crew had ordered a box for me after he’d gone on vacation and they were beautiful ones. Well, he’s going to keep a box on hand just in case. I told him that was nice to know.

It shouldn’t have taken me as long to get what I needed but I had to ask for help in the card department. The Christmas cards that were left were mixed in with the Valentines. The person putting the new cards out showed me what was there. I told her it was for a man and said I’d hunt for something so she could get back to what she was doing. There were even fewer to choose from than there were last week but I finally settled for the least obnoxious. When I started to walk on, the lady came around the corner with a card. It was perfect! She said it was all by itself in the wrong spot. How things do work out! I put the other one back. When I checked out, the card was less than half price.

I haven’t worked on the lessons today except for adding code to the third ones to make the day buttons do what they’re supposed to. Twinkle is wandering around. She hasn’t pooped in a week even though I’ve been giving her the laxative. Maybe the canned food has so little waste it doesn’t make poop. If she weighs more, we’ll know what she’s full of.

On the Wordscraper front, I’ve won another game. As you’ll see by the score for just one word, I’m guaranteed to win the game that’s listed first. On the second one, I’m close to being 10k points ahead. Genese is gonna have to get in gear, is all I can say.

Current Events

It’s past my bedtime. Today was a full day and the next couple are bound to be, too. I’m going to call it a night.

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  1. Lila December 31, 2013 at 9:07 am #

    So glad your dishwasher is doing its job so well, and making your life better. Don’t remember the brand, but I do remember the situation when you bought it. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    • Tommie December 31, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

      It’s a Maytag. There were lots of good reviews but one bad one said the owner didn’t like it because she kept catching her housecoat on the door. I had it open the other day and barked my shin. Should I write a bad review? 😕

      Happy New Year’s to you, too. If I’m awake at midnight, it will only be to go to the bathroom.

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