When I looked out to see how wet the deck was before I went to bed last night, I startled a big gray cat that looked a lot like Smokey. It was sitting on the railing just opposite the front door. Upon spying me, it jumped down and ran. I hope it stops any mousies in their tracks if they are trying to come in the house.

I was late getting dressed so I was still in my robe going on 10 o’clock. I’d been at the computer with Twinkle in the chair next to me when an awful thumping and scratching started behind me. It sounded as if Something would be crashing in on me any minute. I called my cousin and asked her to come over for a minute. When she got here, she isolated the noise. It was coming from the ceiling. She got a stick and banged on the wall and ceiling. The noise would stop and then start up again. She told me that would drive her nuts. Well, try living with it! Before she left, she said as soon as it dried off, she’ll do some sleuthing and find out where the critter is getting wherever it is.

Later, it started up again. That time, I was prepared. I had a metal extension handle that goes to a duster. I’d whack the wall with it until the noise would stop. When it started again, I’d beat on the wall with a rhythm that would put a drummer to shame. Eventually, it must’ve left because I haven’t heard it for a long time.

DD called—twice. The first time, we talked for a little over half an hour. The second time was almost 20 minutes. She, merm and a friend were going out shopping. Better them than me.

I got dressed and was going out to the garage to raid the freezer when I saw my cousin. She took me into the house to see what she’d been doing today. She’s in the process of redoing the master bedroom. The last time I saw it, the walls had been painted but the floor was still bare. Today, the carpet is down and a nice bookcase headboard is hanging on the wall at the head of the bed. (I guess that’s where a headboard is supposed to go, huh?)

While I was there, I checked on her computer. It hadn’t completed all the updates. I changed the power settings so it won’t go off while it’s plugged in so, hopefully, it will get done before morning.

I’ve done a lot of work on the lessons today. While I was sitting in my easy chair all hunched over, I thought it probably wasn’t a good idea to sit like that since my lungs aren’t in the best condition. I took the computer and put it on the little built-in table in the kitchen and here I am, typing away. I have to sit straighter to be able to do anything so, hopefully, that will someday result in better breathing.

Well, The Critter started up again and I beat on the wall. Maybe it will get the message and vacate the premises.

Twinkle was interested when I put the food in her bowl a little while ago but she only nibbled. She’s been eating a little over half of 1/4 of a can of food a day. That’s down from 3/4 can plus some of the dry. Not good.

I’d better get to bed. I have places to go and people to see tomorrow. Good night.

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