Friday promised to be a special day. My cousin’s long-awaited computer was to arrive. She already had her new printer so we were poised, waiting and ready.

I had a package to return to KitchenAid that was too big for my mailbox so I called to let my cousin know I was putting it in theirs. Since she was on the phone, my call didn’t go through. Thinking something was wrong, she came out to see what was going on. I explained what I was doing and, in spite of what she thought, all was well. We went back to our respective homes after she promised to let me know when UPS made its delivery.

Setting up a computer and printer takes time so I got everything done I knew I needed to. The call came before 1 p.m. The package had arrived. I told her I’d be over shortly.

When I got there, I expected her to have it out of the box. Sure, she had opened the box the computer box was in but the important one was still sealed. She got her pen knife, sliced the tape and carefully lifted the lid. The computer she’d ended up with looks brand new. It was supposed to be refurbished but it had all the protective film and tape still on it.

I put the battery in (she asked if I knew how to do it—DUH!!) and plugged in the power cord. She plugged the other end into an outlet and I had her turn it on for the first time.

It didn’t take long for the initial setup but that was only the beginning. Microsoft Security Essentials had to be installed and the aggravating antivirus program that came with the computer uninstalled. I downloaded Open Office and, of course, Chrome. (Actually, Chrome was the first program I downloaded.)

We unpacked the printer and got all the film/tape off of it. My cousin set it beside the computer and we started trying to set it up to work wirelessly with the router she’d bought that morning.

That was the Time Hog. The quick setup showed the process but it didn’t say I needed to install the programs on the disk that came with it. It would get connected but it still wouldn’t print. On a whim, I put the disk in and talk about a Time Hog! It took forever to install everything but it did work after that.

I left it downloading 132 Windows updates, cautioning my cousin to let it do its thing. She was concerned it was getting close to sundown but I think a lot of it was the clouds moving in. I got home well before Sabbath after I ran the gauntlet of six cats congregated on the steps.

Supper was next on the agenda. DS1 had called while I was out so I called him back and we visited while I ate.

I’d begged off working on SSNet projects for the last few weeks and my reprieve was over. I did what I could and still get to bed before it got too late.

This morning, I woke before 6 but stayed in bed for almost another hour. I used that time to pray for all my family, friends and animals.

The HTML expert had emailed asking me to add the text links to the first lesson or two so I finished the first one and uploaded it.

Rain was threatening but it hadn’t started when I left for church. When I got to the bottom of the mountain, I realized I’d left my hearing aids on the counter in the kitchen. Oh, well. I’d miss out on a lot of the services.

Miss out, I did. I told the songleaders they’d have to speak up and wrote a note to the pastor. I kept looking for the pianist but she never showed. That was unusual for her not to be there and not tell me beforehand. Later, I found out she’d had a relapse and was suffering from an even worse case of whatever it is that’s been going around.

The singers were all straining to hit the high notes so I took advantage of the situation and used the transposer to lower the pitch. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I hadn’t been playing alone.

Juggling the music was quite a feat today. Something really needs to be done about the order of service.

I’d say I was able to understand 90% of what the pastor said and 10% of what everyone else said. Maybe even less than that during Sabbath School class.

The Computer Owner stopped me on one of my trips to the bathroom and told me she had something for me. I wasn’t to leave until she gave it to me.

After church, she got a bag out of her car and followed me to mine. When I looked inside, here’s what I found:


She’d paid attention to what I like and said she had appreciated my help that saved her, at least, $70. Anyone who is acquainted with these products, though, know they ain’t cheap. I’ll have a lifetime supply of lotion. I already have two bottles just like this one plus some Moistursil (I wish they still made it). I’m going to put the pump in the bottle I keep in the kitchen.

I didn’t realize how cold I got, standing there beside the car. It’s taken hours for me to thaw out. Our conversation was so interesting, I didn’t notice the temperature.

The rain started after I got home. My cousin had asked me yesterday if the leak had been stopped. I told her it still leaked some but not as much. Here’s the deck floor (with a coating of cat litter to keep it from being slippery) after it had rained a bit:


It’s a much larger wet spot now.

Twinkle is resigned to lying on her chair. She’s had a lot of lap time today. I did have to make her get down while I tweaked the lessons. Surprisingly, she showed an interest in her food this afternoon. I’m praying her appetite will increase if she is meant to live longer. One thing can be said for it. She isn’t expensive to feed any more. That savings is wiped out by trips to the vet so which is better?

I won the last two Wordscraper games and am significantly ahead in two of those listed below. The lead keeps see-sawing back and forth in the middle one that’s underway. Either Genese has lost her mojo or I’ve got mine back.


It’s getting to be close to my bedtime. I’m not the night owl I used to be. Is that good or bad?

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