Day before yesterday, I posted that I was still collecting dirty dishes. Well, no more. Yesterday morning, my cousin’s crew member came and finished installing the dishwasher. It was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. He’d had to get a couple of different fittings with another gizmo or two to make it work. He started a normal cycle to test it. I told him it could take quite a long time so we canceled that and selected rinse. So far, so good. He figured it would work so he gave me the go-ahead to use it.

And work, it does! After he left, I took my box of dishes into the kitchen and started loading said dishwasher. They didn’t quite fill it up but after I got a couple of science projects out of the fridge, it was ready to go. My back was feeling all the bending over but not having to wash those dishes was worth it.

I put the little packet of dishwasher detergent into the dispenser, closed the door (neat! it closes with a magnet) and pushed Normal. That’s probably the only thing in this house that is. It may be my hearing but I’d have to say it’s very quiet.

An hour and a half later, all the lights went off except for “Clean”. Now, that’s a plus. When visiting my children, I never know if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. This one tells a person.

The dishes weren’t dry even though heated dry had been selected. The manual said that they might not be if a rinse aid wasn’t used. It wasn’t because I didn’t have any. I do have a coupon for a free bottle but I haven’t been to town. Leaving the door open soon dried them. It probably added some moisture to the air, too.

It was so nice to have squeaky clean dishes again. And I really like the huge silverware caddy.

Bottom rack/silverware caddy

Each utensil has its own little compartment. If the handle is too big to fit, the tops on the thingies will flip up so it has one big space. It doesn’t take much to get me excited. To unload it, the whole thing can be lifted out and taken to the silverware drawer/chest/whatever. Snazzy!

The top rack is pretty much what every top rack is. It has a flippy thing, too, that can hold sharp knives, I guess. I wash my knives by hand, though, and don’t put them in the dishwasher. My Rada cutlery has aluminum handles and they will discolor if exposed to dishwasher detergent.

As you can see from the picture above, this is storage for dirty dishes. I do rinse them briefly before I put them inside. It will take some time to get a full load but I may get back into cooking more since it won’t be such a chore cleaning up my messes.

I talked to the vet about Twinkle (what else?) yesterday. She wants me to bring her in the first of the week to be weighed and injected with the steroid and B-12. Vet will be out for the week. She told me if I’d tell the lady at the desk Twinkle didn’t need to see the doctor it would be a quick in and out. I’ve quit feeding Twinkle the dry food and the vet agreed that was a good idea. I’m to double up on her laxative.

Last night, Twinkle was on my lap as she usually is if I’m sitting down. I was petting her and felt something strange when I was rubbing her belly and chest. At first, I thought it might be the scar from when she was spayed but when I turned her over and looked, there was a bare spot almost in her “armpit” with a sore in the middle. I briefly thought about taking her to the vet this morning but I’d missed three Sabbaths in a row. Also, I didn’t think of anything they’d do other than put something on it and I could do that, myself.

Going to the medicine cabinet, I grabbed an almost empty tube of my old standby, Melagel. She let me turn her on her back and put it on the sore. I rubbed it in well. This morning, I repeated the process and she was fine with it. This evening, she protested a bit but still let me do it. She seems to feel better and has been eating a tiny tad more. I’m still throwing away more food than she takes in.

The CM had gotten on the roof and attempted to fix the leak between the peak and the deck roof. This morning, it was getting tested. The deck was dry.

It was just drizzly and nasty here. When I got to the valley, the sky opened up and dumped. While it was still raining, the sun came out. I looked for a rainbow but none was to be seen. I prayed, if the Lord willed it, the rain would slack off when I got to the church. He did and it did and I was very thankful I didn’t have to wrestle with my purse, tote and umbrella.

I was a bit shaky but I made it through the services. After church, I was talking to the head elder and his wife when he said, “Oh, we’re going to be making another change the first of the year.” I must’ve looked horrified because he hastened to add, “It won’t have anything to do with what you do.” It’s just that the elders will come in from the back instead of the side. WHEW!

My friend, the computer owner, told me about how excited she still is what with having a computer she can actually use easily. She’s been streaming content on two of her favorite sites but a third didn’t work. After talking it over, we both came to the conclusion that it might have been shut down at 12:30 a.m. CST. She’ll try it again at a more reasonable hour.

I told her about Twinkle’s sore (she’s a nurse and also into Melaleuca). She suggested Twinkle might have had an abscess of some sort. The antibiotic probably took care of the infection but the sore still has to heal.

It was 2 o’clock by the time I got home and changed clothes. I hurried and ate then changed again to go to a baptism at our sister church here on the mountain. I put my hearing aids in and checked to make sure I had my ePen but it was nowhere to be found. I was sure I left it at the church. At least I still had my Tek.

It was pea-souper foggy and I was driving very slowly. There was a car behind me and I’m sure they wished I’d speed up. It was all I could do to see the road. I’d wanted to go by the old home place but missed the turn because of the fog. It was even hard to see the church. The lighted sign is what I spied. The car behind me followed me in.

I sat with some of my friends from church. There were five of us ladies sitting together. I asked one of them to check at the church and, if she could find it, take my ePen home with her. I searched my purse and pockets once again. No ePen.

It was a nice service and I would have probably stayed longer to visit if the weather had been better. I had prayed my way there and figured I’d need to do the same coming home. Praying if it were the Lord’s will…and most of the fog lifted.

Turning onto the old road, it was still hard to see but I managed. The home place is all decorated for Christmas.

It must have rained harder while I was gone. There was a bit of water on the deck but nothing like before. The fix just might work.

The weather has been enough warmer the Dr. Heaters haven’t turned on at all since early this morning. It’s nice not to need heat. The temperature in the house is 70 degrees.

I got a message from my friend that she had hunted around the organ and the pew where I sit and no ePen. I’d looked in my purse—again—when I got home. A few minutes ago, I took my flashlight out to the car and searched. Nothing. Thinking it was a lost cause, I picked up my purse and opened it. There it was, in plain sight. Praise the Lord!

The gift cards I ordered from Humana the other day were supposed to be here in two to four weeks. They came today.

Gift Cards

Nice to have insurance with no premium that rewards me, besides!

Remember the Wordscraper board I showed here? I do believe it’s “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”.

I need to dose Twinkle and get ready for bed. I’m sleepy.

4 Responses to Victory!

  1. Lila December 21, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

    What is an ePen and what is a Tek? Glad you found the former, anyway, and that your prayers regarding rain and fog were so well answered today!

    • Tommie December 22, 2013 at 9:01 pm #

      As I’ve explained before, the ePen and Tek both control my hearing aids but the ePen isn’t as obvious. It looks like a fat pen. The Tek is more like a cell phone in appearance.

      I was so thankful for the answers to my prayers! I feel sorry for the people who don’t understand that God cares about even the little things.

  2. Genese December 21, 2013 at 11:05 pm #

    I am so glad you have a working dishwasher. .

    • Tommie December 22, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

      Not nearly as glad as I am! WOOHOO!! I’m working on filling it up again.

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