She’s Gone Away

After breakfast on Friday, Twinkle was put into her box and the top was taped up for the trip to the vet. DD carried her out to the car but the last face she saw was mine.

The waiting room was deserted and I was told that Twinkle would be next. In not many minutes, animals with their humans started coming in.

When Twinkle’s name was called, we went to the exam room. DD came with us. The young woman got Twinkle out of her box to weigh her and came back with the report. Twinkle had gone from 6.5 lubs to 5.8 lubs in six days. That’s almost 9%. Huge.

Young Lady went to get someone to hold Twinkle while she took her temperature and Twinkle was left on the table. She took it upon herself to get back in her box. I didn’t blame her. I would have probably done the same thing if I’d been in her place. Her temp was normal which was good news.

The vet came in and proceeded with her examination. She asked about whether she was eating, pooping, etc., etc. I told her she was eating very little and had finally pooped after a week of not. The vet informed Twinkle that she is amazing. I had to agree. I would have written her off long before that and she was still alive.

The care plan was to give her a shot of steroids, prescribe a laxative to be given twice a day (oh, joy), continue with the antibiotic, cut the Prednisone to once a day. While we waited, she was to be given fluids to rehydrate her. I asked if we could go to Walmart while that was going on. Sure, and have a good time. First, I had to sign a release. I had no idea how much that visit was going to cost.

My cousin and DD had both done shopping for me but there were a few things I needed. As soon as we got inside, I saw two friends and had to stop for a short visit. Then we started shopping. I asked “my” produce guy if they had ever gotten in any persimmons and he directed me to a few in a bin. They were a bit pricey but I bought nine and had words with the manager because he hadn’t called me.

I had to take a bathroom break and went by Customer Service to see if my friend was working. I heard her calling my name from the bench by the doorway. She told me about meeting DD a couple of days before. She mentioned she couldn’t wear her badge because of the medical equipment she has to haul around with her. I asked her what it was for and she said if she falls over dead, it’s supposed to shock her back to life. Her heart has to be functioning at a level of at least 35% before she’ll be allowed to go without it.

DD was patiently waiting so we made our way back to pick Twinkle up. I thought she’d be ready and waiting but it was another 15 minutes before she was brought out. I’d been praying the bill wouldn’t be enormous. When I went to the window to pay, the woman said, “That will be $28.” I asked, “How much??” “$28. She marks the sheet. We don’t.” I explained I had thought it would be much more than that and I inwardly praised the Lord. I’m to take her back “Monday or Tuesday” for lab work and more fluids.

Twinkle was glad to be home but she’d have nothing to do with me. She’d sit on DD’s lap but avoided getting close to me at all. I’m the one who put her in the box and I’m the one who doses her.

We got things put away and fixed supper.

That night, I slept better than I had for a long, long time. My sleep was deep and largely undisturbed by coughing. I did have to get up a time or two to go to the bathroom but that was it.

The pianist had called to see if I would be at church. I explained that DD was here and we were going to see her brothers. I couldn’t have faced playing the organ even if I’d been here alone.

It had been raining and was still overcast when we set out after breakfast. Our first stop was to visit DS1 and family. They insisted on giving DD and me both our Christmas presents. Hers was The Book Thief and mine was a hand mixer kind of like this one but a different brand.

My granddaughter showed DD her crocheted creations (DD has gotten into crocheting, too) and my DIL fed us some of her delicious vegetable soup.

DS1 showed us some pretty funny Tim Hawkins videos and then we went to DS2’s house. They weren’t feeling too perky. DS2 had a sinus infection so I didn’t was to get too close. We looked at my granddaughter’s loft bed with study area underneath. DS2 had built it and it will probably never be moved without being disassembled. It’s very nice but heavy.

It was dark and still smooth cloudy when we started home. Getting close to town, it started raining.

I was a bit late with Twinkle’s medications but she was still alive. She refused to have anything to do with me but would sit on DD’s lap.

What precipitated it, I don’t know but I had about a 20 minute coughing episode before I went to bed. I would give a pretty penny to get over this cough.

I didn’t sleep well last night and was up about 6. DD wanted to leave by 8 so I’d warmed up the bathroom for her shower. She didn’t want breakfast but she did agree to take a carton of coconut water with her.

Looking out, it seemed someone with a giant sifter had covered the place with a thin coating of powdered sugar. Her rental car was covered and I asked her if she’d started it so it would warm up. No, but she’d be okay. I guess she doesn’t know that, in Tennessee, we melt the ice off our windows by heating the inside of the car. It takes a little gas to do it but it’s much safer than driving with ice obstructing the view. She used a scraper to get some of the ice off but still didn’t start the car. I was about beside myself but I didn’t say anything.

Coming back in, she hugged me goodbye and I told her I was praying for a safe and uneventful trip home. I couldn’t help but shed some tears.

As she backed out of the driveway, it was obvious she hadn’t cleared enough of the windshield but there was nothing I could do then but step up my praying.

I had my quiet time, then breakfast. I picked Twinkle up and put her on my lap. She allowed it then and has spent a lot of time there today. Since I’ve had two full days in a row, I took today off and did little more than eat and wash dishes.

DD texted me when she had gone through security and was waiting to board the plane. Later, I started tracking her progress and this is what I saw well into the flight.

Google Flight Status

It was nice to see the green and PROGRESS!

My cousin called and said she’d been thinking about me all day. I told her I’d considered calling her but I didn’t know whether she’d be busy or not. She made me promise to call even if I just needed to “chat”. She said she might have to call me right back but not to hesitate. That’s nice to know.

Five minutes after they landed, DD called. I was so glad to hear her voice.

A friend was supposed to pick her up. Since I haven’t heard anything to the contrary, I’ll have faith that he did and she’s safe wherever she is.

It’s getting late. I’m supposed to have a session with the Computer Owner tomorrow and teach her whatever I know.

Genese is mopping the floor with me in both the Wordscraper games. Vanna has something against me. I have all consonants. No vowels anywhere. I may have to do some swapping. We’ll see.

Twinkle is still not eating. In addition to everything else, I gave her B-12 last night and tonight. It won’t hurt and it might help. I can hope.

4 Responses to She’s Gone Away

  1. Mary Jane December 16, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

    It does leave an empty spot when the loved one departs. Glad you still have Twinkle, and hope the new regimen will put some spark back into her.

    • Tommie December 17, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

      So far, I’ve washed her towels but the bed is still the way she left it. 🙁 Twinkle really missed her at first. She’d get on the love seat and smell the throw DD used. Now it’s back to MY lap.

      • Mary Jane December 18, 2013 at 10:34 am #

        Well, at least she’s willing to sit on your lap again!

        • Tommie December 18, 2013 at 11:17 am #

          Yes, that’s a plus!

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