The Thermometer’s Stuck

It was 20 when I got up yesterday and it was 20 this morning. Once, when my mother was visiting my sister in Seattle, the thermometer read 42 every time she looked at it. She said it was stuck. I wouldn’t mind it being 42 here. In fact, I’d welcome it.

DD had to go clear to the airport to get a different car. She came home with a Nissan something-or-other and is much happier. I’ll be less concerned with her safety in that one, too, so it’s a win-win situation.

While she was gone, I fooled around and didn’t ever get around to exercising. I did take a bath and get dressed so I guess that was progress.

The vaporizer I’d ordered on Wednesday got here yesterday. That’s pretty good service this close to Christmas.

I’d talked to my cousin and she said she was on her way home. There was something in her shop we wanted DD to see so it was decided that would take place after supper.

We did the easy thing and had leftovers for our last meal of the day. I’d washed dishes as I went but there were still some to do. They were stacked and on the table waiting for when we got back.

The HatCousin called and said to bundle up. Her shop heater was out of propane. I put on my famous hat, gloves and my winter coat. DD put on the only jacket she had brought. I hope it’s warmer than it looks.

DD wanted to know if we were participating in some kind of hazing ritual. I told her yes, that it was for membership in the Society of the Sisterhood.

I grabbed a flashlight, turned on the outside light and we were on our way. When we got into the shop, my cousin was telling DD that all of the material used in it was reclaimed. Nothing was new. As DD looked around, we waited.

Then she spied what we’d braved the cold weather to see. Some of the cabinets were from the old house we’d lived in for so long. What really makes them special, though, are the markings showing DD’s progress, height-wise. Cousin got a board and a pencil and measured DD and her mark came in a fraction of an inch shorter than mine was on 08/30/2013. That was in the morning, though, and DD’s measurement was at night. She seemed a bit skeptical that she’d lose height during the day but it’s true. If you don’t believe me, look it up.

We stood around and talked, then looked at some of Cousin’s projects. My toes were getting really cold so I called it a night and we went back to the house. Cousin brought some of her finished projects over and showed them to DD. She still has several to go before she’s ready for Christmas. Since it’s just 12 days away, she’d better get a move on.

While she was here, I dosed Twinkle with her Prednisone and antibiotic.

After she left, DD did the dishes and I got the vaporizer set up. It was DD’s turn to pick the movie and she, as usual, chose a good ‘un. I’d told her I was in no mood for monsters so it was more of a “chick flick”.

Twinkle was restless after I’d given her her medication. She’d get on my lap and not even get settled before she’d jump down and get back on her chair. After a minute or two, she’d be off the chair and on DD’s lap. It was like that for an hour or more and then she went to sleep with DD.

She finally pooped a little in her cat box. There was a less-than-a-marble-sized nugget yesterday and a more normal one this morning. I knew I should make that public since the last was a full week before. She goes back to the vet today.

It sounds like DD is stirring. I slept better last night with the vaporizer going. It was the first time in a long time I didn’t feel congested. It quit putting out much vapor toward morning, though, so I started coughing again. I put a few grains of salt in the water and I’ll see if that helps.

Genese is determined to take my percentages down in Wordscraper. I think I’m doing well and she zaps me again. Such is life.

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