When I went to the kitchen this morning and looked at the thermometer, it said it was 20 degrees outside. Last winter, people were concerned there would be a bumper crop of fleas because the weather was so mild. This year, I think we’ll be pretty safe come summer.

DD isn’t happy with her rental car. It’s a Ford Fiesta and isn’t performing the way she thinks it should. She contacted the agency and was told she could swap it for a different one. The closest location didn’t have a compact on the lot so she left my phone number and they were to call if they got one in.

I’d left a message for the vet to call me and she did at about 2:30. I told her Twinkle had eaten maybe 1/8 can of food in the past 24 hours and she agreed that wasn’t nearly enough. She isn’t in distress and yes, I’ve been giving her the antibiotic twice a day. Could I get a pill down her? Well, I didn’t think so but I could give her liquid. The vet wanted to start her on a steroid and said I could crush it and mix it with water. I told her I have a “personal shopper” who would pick it up. I gave DD my credit card and she was on her way after she changed clothes and put on her face. I was to text her if the rental agency called.

My exercise seems to fall by the wayside when I have better things to do so I seized the moment and rebounded while DD was gone. I fully expected the agency to call during that time but nothing.

DD got home with Twinkle’s new medication (Prednisone) and the mail. I had no idea how much the bill would be but she handed me a slip for $3.10. That was a relief.

The day was cool but beautiful and sunny so we went out to visit the new dishwasher. It’s pretty. I’ll be glad when it takes up residence in my kitchen. With my cousin’s schedule, that could be a while.

I got rice out of the freezer to go with the rest of our supper and we came back in.

Our meal over, I dosed Twinkle with the antibiotic. She has started protesting a bit. I’d considered giving her the Prednisone but I decided to wait until this morning because she’s to have two doses for two days, then one dose a day for eight days.

My MagicJack has been doing okay for me but other people complain about a “lag” so I went for broke when an upgrade that included rolling over my existing months (plus another six) was offered. It came yesterday so I set it up and called DS1 to test it. I’m his tester so it was his turn. He said it sounded fine. I hope it will for everyone else, too.

We watched a movie of my choosing and I went to bed. I actually slept most of the night undisturbed by coughing.

I’ve had to use my pill splitter since Twinkle’s dose is 1/2 a pill. To crush it, I put it in a spoon, put another spoon on top of it and pushed. It disintegrated easily. Then I mixed it with a bit of water in a medicine cup and used the antibiotic dropper to draw it up. Twinkle wasn’t happy to have me add a med but that’s just too bad. If she’d eat, I wouldn’t need to.

DD is up and, I guess, catching up on Facebook with her phone. Now she’s crocheting a hat. Twinkle is bright-eyed if not bushy-tailed. I’ve re-corrected some errors on this week’s lesson and uploaded it. The editor (or somebody) had added some links and not used the latest file. That’s a big no-no. I had given notice I wouldn’t be working on the lessons this week but I couldn’t just let it go.

I’ve played both boards on Wordscraper. One game’s about over and Genese has essentially won. The other one is still in the early stages. I’m ahead but that could easily change.

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