Even Colder

It was 21 when I got up. I’m getting tired of this cold weather. November in Tennessee is supposed to be milder. I guess we’re in for it this winter. The sun is shining and that’s a plus.

Well, let’s see. After breakfast yesterday, DD headed out to visit with her former boss from academy days. I’d met the lady once and, seeing Twinkle and I are both a bit puny, I elected to stay home. When DD opened the front door, she exclaimed, “ICE!!” Sure enough, the deck was covered with a thin film as were the steps. I still hadn’t located the cat litter I keep for deicing such but she declared she’d be okay.

After she left, I shut the door and prepared to go about my business. There was a knock and it was DD. The door handle on her rental car was frozen so she needed some hot water to thaw it. Welcome to cold weather in Tennessee. She got that taken care of and left.

I took a bath and got dressed (aren’t you glad??), washed up the few dishes we’d dirtied. On up in the afternoon, I even took time to watch an episode of Andy Griffith while I rebounded.

DD had taken a list with her so she could pick up some items I needed/wanted from the university supermarket. It’s nice to have a personal shopper. She called to see if there was anything else so I added one more thing to the list. She and her friend had eaten a late lunch at a Thai restaurant so it was decided I should go ahead with my last meal of the day and not wait for her.

She knocked on the door (I really should give her a key) and there she was, loaded down with bags. Fortunately, I’d located the cat litter and the deck was safe. She’d gotten several things that weren’t on the list. I wasn’t quite through eating so I finished after we’d unloaded and put away.

I’d been watching a movie so, while she texted people back home, I continued with that. She ate a snack.

My cousin got home after several days away. She came over for a short visit. She reminded me of a project we need to take care of before DD leaves.

Later, DD popped some popcorn and we watched a documentary. I hoped the popcorn would take care of any excess acid and calm my cough but that wasn’t the case. My sleep was interrupted many times during the night by my hacking.

Twinkle is still hanging on. I don’t know how because she isn’t eating enough to maintain, let alone gain any weight back. I put 1/8 can of cat food in her bowl last night and she almost finished it. A few weeks ago, she was eating six times that much plus some dry. I put in a call to the vet this morning. I’m going to get her opinion on feeding Twinkle some of the cat food she used to love.

DD is up so I will cease and desist. Until tomorrow…

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