A Cold Morning

The sun shone itself for a bit yesterday and DD went out on the deck to go through some of the papers my cousin’s twin brother had put there. She didn’t stay long but she did find some treasures.

DS1 wanted to do a Google Hangout so we spent a lot of the day with that. After DD went to do other things (like the breakfast dishes) DS1 enlisted my help in testing different equipment. He’d first used his computer, then his phone and last of all, his netbook.

Twinkle was mostly on either one lap or the other or on her chair. She still isn’t eating much but she drinks. I’ve been giving her the antibiotic and it looks like there are several more doses to go. A dropper full at a time doesn’t make it go down too quickly. She doesn’t seem to be in distress—she just isn’t eating.

I’d fixed breakfast so DD took care of supper. It was mixed roasted veggies and they were delicious. I took my turn doing the dishes.

Later, we watched a movie of my choosing (we’re taking turns there, too) and then I went to bed.

Twinkle is still surviving this morning. DD is still asleep and I’m still coughing. Life goes on.

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