Reality Bites

The weather has moderated so I’ve stayed warm almost all the time. Even though I dosed with cough medicine before I went to bed, my hacking kept me awake. It would be nice to spend one night cough-free, comfortably warm and not have to get up more than once or twice to go to the bathroom. Is that too much to ask?

The people were really at City Hall this morning and the woman in billing put my mind at ease about the span on the current statement. Turns out my sister and I were both wrong. It should have read “October 25 – November 25”. My usage from last November to this was down by 341 kwh and this billing period was much colder. I looked up the weather for the area for last year. The low was 21 degrees and that happened once during the whole month. The highs ranged from the 30’s to 74. Big difference. Now to see what the bill is next month.

When my cousin was here yesterday, she asked if I wanted a dishwasher. DUH! She said she’d keep her eyes open for one. I told her I wasn’t as concerned about how it looks as much as how it works. When I said that, she told me to pick one out and she’d get it here some way.

I’d already been looking and had settled on one that I thought was what I wanted. Then I started reading reviews and I found that it just might not be. After one or two five star reviews, there was a string of one and two star saying, “This dishwasher is terrible.” “Don’t buy this model!” “Talk about bad!” “It sucks.” I started looking some more.

After wasting ‘way too much time, I settled on a KitchenAid. I didn’t especially want stainless steel. Interior, yes. Exterior, no. However, remember I said it wasn’t how it looked…

Then I checked my finances. Oops! With Christmas coming and car insurance due next month, I had to rethink. I’d been praying off and on about it, anyway, but now I had to face the fact that the answer just might be a big fat “NO”. I can keep washing dishes the way I’ve been doing it for many a year. And I’d gotten all excited for nothing.

I’ve done quite a bit today in spite of my coughing and wheezing. Plus, I still spent more time than I should have looking at the dishwasher I couldn’t afford.

The laptop is still sitting on my little built-in kitchen table. I called the owner this afternoon and told her I am going to be super busy after tomorrow. If she wanted to come get it, it would need to be soon. She has to have her car worked on so we’ve settled on the 16th as a date and the time To Be Decided.

After we talked, I looked up the dishwasher again. BTW, I’ve been shopping the Sears Outlet Store closest to me. There were 25 models available yesterday AND this morning. When I pulled up the page this afternoon, there were only 24. And guess which one was missing! You go it! The one I’d picked out. So…that’s a definite no.

I kept on looking in spite of my best intentions to stay with the status quo. I’d looked at another simpler (aka CHEAPER) model that had lots of good reviews but I hadn’t read the description. When I started through that, I found it had a food grinder which the more expensive one didn’t. That was a feature I wanted but I had come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to find it. It’s all white which would stand out in my kitchen about as much as stainless steel. BUT it is more than $300 less than the KitchenAid.

Putting in all of my info down to my credit card, I stopped and called the store. They’d give me three or four days to have it picked up. Would that be enough? I dunno.

I called my cousin and got voice mail. I left a message. Later, I called again and got voice mail. I hung up. Still later, I called the house. Voice mail. I gave up. It’s too late to call anyone anywhere now. Maybe this is the final word that I’m not supposed to get a dishwasher. If I keep coughing and wheezing the way I have been, maybe I won’t last long enough to enjoy it, anyway.

It’s well past my bedtime. Twinkle is waiting patiently for her B-12—NOT. Genese has come back with a vengeance. Currently, her score is 222046 to my measly 30100. I have to keep reminding myself that it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

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