Shaking in My Boots

I was all ready for my cousin to come over and measure the opening of one of the registers so she could cut boards to block them off. Then there were the last two nights. Yesterday morning, the temperature was 16 when I got up. This morning it was 25. “Warmer”—but it was still cold.

Last night, I’d caved and closed the windows in my bedroom. I like a cool room to sleep in and, at one time, I had to melt the ice off so I could close a bedroom window. That was then and this is now. Let’s face it. I’m not as hardy as I was in my 30’s.

I told my cousin to wait until I get the electric bill for this month. Then I’ll know whether it makes sense to pursue not using the furnace or if I should rethink my plan.

The Dr. Heaters are 1500 watts when they are running on high (which is the norm for now). I don’t have the one in my bedroom on all the time but the one in the living room is on for hours ‘n’ hours ‘n’ hours. If I can turn it on low (like now), it’s 750 watts. In the mornings, I turn the oven on. It took four hours to get the kitchen up to 71. I didn’t intend for it to get that warm but I hadn’t checked the thermostat for a while. It’s hard to say how much it uses because it isn’t cycling on and off like it does with the door closed.

One big help will be having the bathroom window shut all the way. Ever since I moved into this house (14+ years), the phone line has run through the bathroom window to my bedroom. The man who installed the line got miffed when I told him I only wanted one jack—that my son would put in any others that I needed. He proclaimed, “Well! He can put the first one in, too, and that will save you $75.” Then he turned around and left. DS1 said he needed the first one to run the other lines so that was that.

This afternoon, my cousin called and said she’d be over to move the line so it would go under the house and up through the floor to the router. She had quite a job drilling the hole through the floor and had to go get another bit before she could finish. I fed the line to her, she connected it to the box and I’m back in business. While she was under the house, one of the kittens joined her. She had to lure it out with food.

Another project she’s going to take care of is putting lime under the house. Critters have gone under there and died. The fellow who fixed the drain and checked the ducts hauled one body out and disposed of it but there are evidently some dead mice and no telling what else. I’d noticed an unpleasant odor now and then but never knew it was something like that. She said the lime will take care of it plus keep live animals out.

I’ve just about finished with the computer and called my friend about coming to pick it up. Someone who did diagnostics on it said that the motherboard was damaged but I’ve found no evidence that it is. There was a boatload of bloatware on it that was slowing it down plus it badly needed updating. The price for a new motherboard was quoted as $500. I figure she was a potential victim. I checked all the ports, ran chkdsk and defragged it. I played videos, a CD, a DVD and burned some of the same. I set up her browser with every link I thought she might ever use. Everything works and without all the Stuff bogging it down, it’s pretty perky. I haven’t heard back (I left voice mail) but I want her to have at least an hour to spare so I can educate her on the care and keeping of her computer.

I only did one lesson today. I started to do the next one but told myself, “STOP!!” and for once, I obeyed.

Twinkle is still hung up on her dry food. I put some canned out for her tonight and tomorrow, I’ll see if she’s eaten any. She’d cleaned up the dry from last night by this morning.

The chief meteorologist (that’s a fancy term for Head Weather Guesser) at one of the TV stations predicts we’re in for a much colder winter than the last few. I’m of the opinion that he’s probably right. It’s started raining and there’s supposed to be light sleet. There are snowflakes in the forecast for tomorrow night. My cousin said her nephew’s four year old daughter is upset because there are several inches of snow where they live and they’re here. She may get to see some, anyway. As my mother would have said, “BOOSH!”

4 Responses to Shaking in My Boots

  1. Lila November 26, 2013 at 7:44 am #

    Tommie, I’ve read more than once that heating with the oven is not a good idea. Just passing that along, imagine you’re read it, too.

    • Tommie November 26, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

      Is there a reason why given other than it’s wildly expensive?

  2. Lila November 26, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a reason given. I suppose it could burn out the elements a lot sooner, which would entail a service call, etc.; though probably not, since you have such accommodating and helpful neighbors. You are one lucky gal in that respect!

    • Tommie November 26, 2013 at 10:28 pm #

      I read that it could cause carbon monoxide poisoning but that’s with gas and mine’s electric. I could plug the element in. As long as I could get the right one, it should be easy.

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