I’d finally cleaned off the window “sill” over the kitchen sink and washed the window. I have a little air plant owl that lost its plant several years ago. I didn’t know how to take care of it and it dried up and died. So you CAN kill them. Anyway, I found some on Amazon (where else?). I’d looked at Walmart (which, I believe, is where I got the owl) but there weren’t any. When I checked the tracking, I found that the package containing my Tillandsia Ionantha had been delivered.

It was drizzly so I got my umbrella and went to retrieve the package from the mailbox. When I opened it, here’s what I found:

Opening the package

One by one, I opened all five little packages. I’m targeting the Ionantha Fuego tonight. I have lots more pictures but this one is doing something everything says it shouldn’t.

Ionantha Fuego

The directions said to put the plants in room temperature water for 20 to 30 minutes to help them get over the shock of shipping and rehydrate them. It also said that if one is beginning to bud, the flower will rot if it’s gotten wet. There wasn’t much for me to do, though, so I dunked it so I wouldn’t lose the whole plant.

Just a bud

That was yesterday. This is today. Looks like the rules don’t apply 100% of the time. I’ll post another picture when it’s bloomed out (if it doesn’t rot first).

It's growing!

I Got Things Done and almost did myself in. My sister had emailed she’d cooked some Great Northern beans. They sounded so good I cooked up some, too. I baked a couple of small sweet taters, as well. I’ve had an artichoke in the fridge for over a week so I got it out and cooked it. When everything was ready to eat, I was so tired from lifting and carrying that I ate beans and one tater (plus tomatoes and cucumber) and left the artichoke for today.

My cousin had a fellow get under the house and fix where the drain from the washer was leaking and check out the duct work. He reported back that everything was tight with no holes. I guess the critters get into it from inside the house, then, which isn’t a comforting thought. I’m still not using the furnace. The mouse pee and poop stinks. Cousin is going to come over and measure a register so she can cut pieces of wood to put down in them to block them off. I want to be able to take them out come hot weather, though. The cold air doesn’t seem to spread the smells (and, most likely, bacteria) like warm.

Cousin also cleaned up my piano lamp and put it on the deck. I was able to actually play from music last night and I played the Sabbath in.

On both visits to the pulmonologist, the question of how many pillows I use has come up. I normally sleep with one. I’ve tried two and that didn’t work for me. Last night, I decided I’d try three. I shouldn’t have done it when I had somewhere to go the next day. When I gave up and went back to one, I could not go to sleep. After 11, I got up and took about 1/3 dropper of melatonin, went to sleep and slept until after 7. (Except, of course, for trips to the bathroom.)

When I was probably halfway to church, I realized I didn’t have my hearing aids. It was too late to come back home to get them. I resigned myself to being “out of the loop” today. And I was. Thankfully, the songleaders announced numbers and verses so I could hear them. On one of my bathroom breaks, a sweet lady was saying something to me in her soft voice and I couldn’t hear her at all. I had to confess my predicament so she wouldn’t think I was being rude by not replying.

My friend had gotten some Camparis on special at Costco and brought me a container. She broke down and reactivated her Paypal account several months ago so I can send her the money as soon as I know what I owe her.

Twinkle got it across yesterday that she wanted some canned food. I gave her a bit and she nibbled. The rest was thrown away. She appears to be losing more weight. I’m wondering…No. I don’t even want to think about it.

When I accessed the card from my camera, I found pictures I hadn’t shared of my grapefruit haul. Here they are.

33 cent grapefruit


My recently widowed friend is going to bring her computer by in the morning. It will be my project for the next several days. The place she took it to last time charged her $69 just to look at it. I may not be able to help it much but I’ll try. Guess I should go to bed so I’ll be awake to greet her.

4 Responses to Plants

  1. Mary Jane November 24, 2013 at 10:56 am #

    I have never had an air plant, but it’s beautiful. Hope that blossom survives.

    The grapefruit is also beautiful and makes me sorry that I can no longer eat it!

    • Tommie November 24, 2013 at 12:23 pm #

      Plants don’t grow well in this house so I’m hoping they all survive.

      Sorry you can’t indulge. I’ll think of you while I’m eating/drinking. Will that help?

  2. Lila November 24, 2013 at 12:53 pm #

    So glad you have the piano and lamp back, and can enjoy more time at the piano!

    • Tommie November 24, 2013 at 1:01 pm #

      Me, too! The piano needs more help but I can still play it.

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