Short & Sweet

Today proved I do better when I’ve had a decent amount of sleep. I’m planning to reinforce the conclusion again tonight.

I’ve gotten more done today than I usually do. To treat myself, I did something I hardly ever indulge in—I watched a movie on Netflix. The service has come in handy for watching Andy (that rhymes!) while I exercise. For some unknown and totally random reason, one of the recommendations for me was Love the Beast.

It isn’t actually a movie movie. It’s a documentary. I was prepared to be bored, uninterested, yawningly put off and prone to skip it. The story started out slowly but when it picked up, I watched it to the end. There’s never a movie I sit down and watch all at once. I’d go and do other things, too, but this one only took a day.

That isn’t all I did besides housework, though. I’ve also proofed the lessons through #6. That’s two yesterday and four today. I want to get them done and over with before the first week in December. The deadline is the 15th but my personal one is before then.

I heard some noise outside this afternoon. It was my cousin and the Housesitter. They were unloading wood. My cousin has had to go buy another work van. Hers almost gave up the ghost pulling the mountain the other day. It would cost more to fix it than it’s worth so she got a “new to her” one. There comes a time when one must bite the bullet and do what has to be done.

Twinkle has stuck to her “I hate canned cat food” resolve. The tiny bit I gave her was nibbled but not eaten. I must give her some B-12 and then I’m going to bed.

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  1. Mary Jane November 22, 2013 at 8:13 am #

    Getting enough sleep really does help. I seldom have trouble going to sleep, but staying asleep is another matter!

    • Tommie November 22, 2013 at 8:46 am #

      I don’t have any trouble staying asleep most nights but if I do, it’s liquid melatonin to the rescue!

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