Cold Air

It was 18 degrees outside when I got up and 48 degrees in my bedroom. I’d had the Dr Heater set at 50 degrees going all night in my bathroom.

Going into Twinkle’s bathroom this morning, I discovered she’d gone in for the kill. The little mousie was buried at sea.

I haven’t felt good at all today. My eyes have burned except when I was rebounding. I’ve been colder than usual, too. A hot bath warmed me up. Lentil soup with Tabasco helped.

Twinkle’s heating pad isn’t dead, after all. I put it on her chair and that’s where she’s lying. Before, every time I’d get up, she’d lay claim to my seat and I’d have to move her when I came back. She seems pretty content where she is now. I had the pad on high and it must’ve gotten too hot for her. When I went over to turn it down, the register under her chair was booming out cold air. I couldn’t close it so I got a folded sheet and put over it. I went around and either closed all the others or put sheets over them. It already feels warmer in here.

The Dr Heater I ordered came today. I found that the outlet in the kitchen where one is plugged in and the one in the dining room are on the same circuit. I plugged the new one into an outlet close to the bathroom tonight and so far, so good. No breaker has been tripped.

When I talked to my cousin yesterday, she said she’d probably be home today. I saw the trucks in the driveway when I took the compost out but I was feeling too rough to be sociable.

I’ve played the piano a little. It’s kind of hard to see music when I don’t have a light close enough. I’ve looked at them on Amazon and I could get a new one for a little less than $30. The one I have (I think my cousin took it) has sentimental value, though, because DH bought it to go on the piano. He bought a light for the organ, too, but it’s where it’s supposed to be—on the organ at the church.

It’s past time for me to be in bed. I’d hoped to go shopping today but I didn’t feel up to it. We’ll see what the morrow brings.

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