Swan Song

I’m too tired to write much. I was taking a break from cleaning house when my email notifier dinged.

DH’s piano was supposed to be delivered tomorrow but the tech’s wife had sent me a message wanting to know if it would be okay to bring it today. I emailed back and asked what time. “Now.” Okay. They live on a mountain clear across the valley so I said to come ahead if they promised not to look at the house. She replied:

Listen!!!We are not there to do house inspection. Do you think my house is spotless or something? I don’t grade people by their houses anyway. so don’t worry. See you soon.

I hurried around and did what I could to get things presentable and gave the bathroom a lick and a promise (my mother’s expression but it doesn’t sound so good in this instance) in case one of them (or both) would need the facilities.

Putting on my coat to ward off the cold and stiff wind, I moved the car so they could back up to the house. When they got here, they thought they might want to bring it in from the other side but they canceled that idea.

Walking into the house, the wife said, “This is nice!” Guess I need to look at it through fresh eyes but it looks pretty bad to me.

While they were maneuvering the piano out of the trailer and onto the deck, I took some pictures. I haven’t gotten an answer to my email asking for permission to post them so I won’t. If I hear later, I’ll post them tomorrow night.

I opened the storm door as wide as it would go but it wouldn’t stay. The tech had me put on a coat and go out to hold it open. Then he wanted me to hold it and push the piano at the same time. I could do one or the other but not both. His wife came to the rescue and was able to push hard enough to get it into the house.

Getting it put into place, the tech sat down and played a little. He really does well. I agreed with his wife that he should play for church.

Several times during the moving in, the tech said he’d never do this again. He pinned me with an intense stare and said this was the last restoration he was ever going to do. He’ll tune pianos but nothing more. When this one gets acclimated to its new surroundings, he’ll come back and tune it.

After they left, I sat down and played for a little while. It will benefit from another tuning. I think some of the felts need to be bulked up, too. In time, it will all get done, I’m sure.

Not that I could really afford it but with cold weather here, I need to keep my bathroom warm enough to keep pipes from freezing. I checked Amazon and the Dr. Heater I ordered a little over two years ago dropped by $80. Before they have time to boost the price again, I ordered another one. It will be here tomorrow. Tonight, I’ll wheel the one here in the living room into my bathroom and turn it down as low as it will go. When I checked last, the temperature was 26. It would probably take lower temps for longer than a night to freeze anything but I don’t want to take any chances.

I looked for Twinkle’s little victim but never found anything. I was hoping six cats outside would keep the mouse population in check but I guess it would take an army.

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  1. Mary Jane November 13, 2013 at 5:22 pm #

    I hope your outside pipes are well insulated so they won’t freeze this winter. There are rumors that it will be a rough one with lots of snow–hope they’re wrong!

    • Tommie November 13, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

      It’s insulated under the ground and as far as I could get to it under the house. There’s one place where it will freeze up but, thankfully, it has never burst. I hope they’re wrong, too.

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