If Your Feet Are Cold…

The Birthday Girlput on a hat. That’s what I did last night. I decided the reason I hadn’t slept well Friday night was because I wasn’t warm enough. I put another blanket (a light one) on the bed and wore the hat my granddaughter made me for my last birthday. I was quite comfortable. When I got up, I figured my hair would look pretty wild but it didn’t. I’ll be behatted when I go to bed again tonight.

Today has been a non-day as far as accomplishments. My time at the organ yesterday sucked the energy right out of my body. You’d think a couple of hours of playing/anticipating wouldn’t be that hard. Consider, though, that during that time I’m always moving, concentrating and planning ahead. It can be pretty intense. Just so you know.

DS1 called this morning and talked for 40 minutes or so. He’s supposed to send me a link about our family’s roots. DD called this afternoon and we hung up right at 100 minutes. That’s what my handset said. Her experience in the tiny house has convinced her she wouldn’t want one that small. It was okay for the weekend but not for living in permanently. She wasn’t impressed with the “composting toilet”. It was a bucket and a jar of sawdust. The kitchen surprised her. There was enough room to prep a meal and cook it. Her pottery class is less than satisfying. There aren’t enough wheels for all the students so they are supposed to work on sculptures when they don’t have access. She isn’t into sculpting so she skips a class now and then.

Twinkle has about eaten me out of house and home today. I’ve given her both canned and dry food and she’s cleaned them up and asked for more. At the moment, she is mousing. She’ll walk around with said mousie in her mouth while mumbling a soft “mew”. Then she’ll let it dash away so she can catch it again. I hate to say it but my cousin found one or two the other day that had crawled away and died after getting the Twinkle treatment. I hope she does this one in where I can find it and dispose of it.

After the mix-up about the piano, I found the exchange of emails from October 30 and re-sent them. I got an apologetic response from the tech’s wife. After several emails back and forth, Wednesday will be the day and I’ll have a piano to play again! When I sent it out to be rebuilt/reconditioned/redone, I went online and found some music I’d been wanting and ordered it. That was almost two years ago and now, hopefully, I’ll be able to play it. I’m terribly out of practice on the piano and not much better on the organ.

I started a batch of water kefir. The dishes are done. Twinkle’s litter box is taken care of. I exercised. I did some putting away but I still need to get to some more sorting. Twinkle has either done in her prey or lost it. She isn’t telling.

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