It was after daylight when I woke this morning. I hardly ever sleep that late. Maybe I need to set the alarm so I can get up and be more productive.

My cousin called me to ask how to scan something at a higher resolution. Rather than try to talk her through it (no two scanning programs are alike), I told her to bring me the pictures and I’d do it and email them to her. What she brought were low resolution. I had to answer the door in my housecoat which was a bit embarrassing as late as it was. I called and asked for the originals. She’ll get them to me early next week.

Energy is almost nowhere to be found. I think I’ll try exercising tomorrow morning instead of the afternoon and see if that gets me going. Maybe the tea burned up what little reserve I had because I’ve been rather listless all day. The weather probably has a lot to do with it, too. It rained a bit and has been drizzly and nasty.

As I was walking around (the few times), Twinkle managed to have her tail where I was stepping. It must have had a target on it because I stepped on it—twice.

The phone rang this afternoon with a number displayed I didn’t recognize. It was the billing rep I talked to yesterday about my refund. She’d said she would refer it to her supervisor and, evidently, that’s what she did. I think she said the bank cut the check yesterday and it would be mailed today. Guess it doesn’t hurt to let it be known that I’m not totally in the dark when it comes to Medicare rules and regulations.

My computer has been very slow the last few days. Chrome had been having intermittent problems so I reinstalled it. The difference is amazing! Such a simple fix.

My yawning tells me it’s almost 9 o’clock. There have been no trick or treaters which isn’t unusual. It’s been many a year since the young ones braved the back roads out in the boonies.

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  1. Mary Jane November 1, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    Hope you also had a gorgeous day and that the sunshine perked you up. It’s been a far cry from the rain that was predicted here, and very welcome.

    • Tommie November 1, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

      It has been beautiful and the fall colors are beginning to show themselves. Hope I haven’t overdone because I’ve felt better.

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