I had another prolonged coughing spell last night and short ones today. My almost-reprieve didn’t last nearly long enough. Maybe that’s what sapped my energy.

My plans to get more done in the house today weren’t fulfilled. I did get a few things done but not all I’d hoped. The get up and go I had yesterday got up and went.

It was a beautiful day. The first time I went to the mailbox, nothing was there. Getting back to the house wasn’t as easy as going and I was breathless when I walked in the door. The second time I went was better. Not that I welcomed the contents—a used car ad addressed to DD and a letter from Humana about their preventive tests that are covered at no cost to me. My cousin was out working so I stopped for a brief chat.

Coming back to the house, I tried my best to work up some energy so I could make my surroundings more pleasant. It was a lost cause. I dug out a tea bag and brewed a cup. Hoping it was early enough in the afternoon, I started drinking it.

I’d been trying to figure out an ongoing problem I’ve had (I won’t go into it here). I felt the need to talk to someone and who better than my cousin? I went over and found her in the little shop she built last year. She was on the phone but motioned me in and gave me my choice of seats.

When she hung up, we started talking. I told her the latest and we batted ideas back and forth for a few minutes. The upshot was, she came up with a possible solution.

She told me she’s got the arrangements made to have all the kittens fixed at once. I want to be around when they’re herded into carriers. That should be quite interesting. She wants to catch Six, too, and I wish her luck. I finished my tea and came home.

I still don’t have my $10 refund from my Wellness office visit back in mid-April. I called and was assured it was in process. Yeah, right. I told the woman that I was aware that Medicare requires all credit balances to be resolved in 90 days or less and this is well outside that window. Oh, yes. The refund request had gone to the bank on October 1 and they are just waiting on a check number. ?? Give it a couple more weeks.

Humana sent me a message that an anesthesia EOB showing the patient responsibility as zero should be here in two weeks, too. What a celebration I can have if both come in on the same day!

Twinkle was very unhappy tonight when I chased her down to dose her. She was trying to make her getaway and I grabbed her tail. That was totally unacceptable and she let me know it in no uncertain terms. However, it did stop her in her tracks.

I’m back to my winning ways in Wordscraper. Now watch Genese pull a rabbit out of her hat and beat me.

4 Responses to Coughee

  1. Lila October 31, 2013 at 9:13 am #

    Tommie, maybe you’re overdoing on the good days, and having to pay for it the next. Healing takes time; give yourself a break.

  2. Tommie October 31, 2013 at 9:25 am #

    I’ll try to pace myself but it’s hard. Seems my two speeds are stopped altogether and flat out.

  3. Mary Jane October 31, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

    Maybe you’ll have the 10 bucks in time for Christmas shopping!

  4. Tommie October 31, 2013 at 5:36 pm #

    I’ll have an update for that in tonight’s continuing saga.

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