Week 7, Day 6

It wasn’t as cold this morning as it was yesterday. When I came out of the bedroom, I started to close the door which is something I never do in the daytime. Then it dawned on me (sometimes I don’t think as fast as I should) that it would be warmer in the main part of the house if I left the door shut. I did and it has been. It even warmed up to 71 in the kitchen at one point.

I took my first Omeprazole before breakfast. The dosing instructions advised it might take a day to four days to be effective. I haven’t had acid reflux at all today.

My mail was three bills from the hospital for my gallbladder ultrasound, EKG and surgery. The one for the surgery was $8.17 less than what Humana had. I called and left voice mail and when I got a return call, the woman explained that they had made a couple more “minor adjustments”. I told her I didn’t want to cheat the hospital out of anything. However, I would be requesting my 10% discount for prompt payment. Besides the $95 for the surgery, $50 for the ultrasound, there was a co-pay for $32.10 for the EKG. She discounted each account individually and I paid $152.04 by credit card. While I was on the Humana site, I checked the anesthesia bill and the status is “Adjusted”. So…it’s being adjusted but I don’t know for how much. Best I can tell, my part should be either $50 or $75.

The DVD from my cousin’s partner’s brother’s funeral was still here, unwatched. I sat down and watched it. It was very nicely done and interesting but it was also depressing to see him go from a little boy to an old, decrepit man. It lasted for 13 minutes. I didn’t time it. I checked the length on the media player.

When I took it back over to my neighbor’s house, I spied my neighbor-cousin’s brother-in-law coming around the corner. He was zoned in on the trowel or whatever it was he had in his hand and didn’t see me until he was about three feet away. We had a nice visit and when I told him about taking the generic Prilosec and the fact that it seemed to already be working, he said it kicks in for him in about 40 minutes. Dr. Mac had told him to take it for five days and then he told him about something else he could take indefinitely. Durned if he couldn’t remember what it was.

Later, I called my cousin. She was in the process of fixing supper after spending most of the day painting a deck so close to the beach that she could see men playing beach volleyball. They’re having 90 degree weather down there. Tough but somebody has to do it.

Today has been a much better day. I’ve gotten a lot more done. That doesn’t mean I’ve done everything I needed to but some is a lot more than none.

Twinkle will be snug and warm out here in the living room while I have to brave the cold of the bedroom. I do sleep better in a cool room, though. Both visits, the pulmonologist asked if I sleep with just one pillow. Last night, I tried to sleep with two and it was an impossibility. I had to give it up as a bad job. No use to even try tonight.

Wordscraper-wise, Genese won the last game and we’ve started on another one. We’ve each played two words and I’m ahead for now. That doesn’t always last long, though.

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  1. Mary Jane October 22, 2013 at 10:34 am #

    Glad you had a better day! Maybe having some of the bills adjusted helped–at least I don’t think that hurt.

    • Tommie October 22, 2013 at 10:44 am #

      That came late, though, after I’d gotten lots done. However, I was glad to see it in process!

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